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Some of these centres are owned by Faith Based Organizations, e.g Holley Memorial Hospital in Ochadamu, Kogi State; Qua Iboe Church Hospital in Ekpene Obom, Akwa Ibom State.
On a sunny morning in January this year, hundreds of schoolchildren and their parents gathered under trees at the Obom Junior Secondary School (JSS) in Ghana to witness a presentation ceremony that would seem negligible to many city dwellers.
She is the fourth of six children of a farmer in Oklukofe, one of the villages near Obom. Being in form three at 16, Elinam had fallen behind at school compared to other children in Ghanaian cities.
Hosana Obom, who committed her first robbery aged 11, first turned up at the woman's home in Pavilion Close, Toxteth, on December 21 asking to borrow money.
Obiorah condemned the kidnapping of the traditional ruler of Obom Autonomous Community in Agbogugu, Awgu Local Government Area of Enugu State, Sunday Orji and his wife, who were kidnapped by yet to be identified gunmen.
He will also go to Bortianor to inspect the Sunda LTD 1D1F project and inspect the Everpure 1D1F project at Obom.
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