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Jaishankar (former Indian Ambassador to China) stated that "China violates Indian sovereignty because it runs through Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) since they (China)are a country who has been very sensitive about its own sovereignty-China has taken step to launch the OBOR (One Belt One Road) initiative unilaterally, there has been no consultation with us and therefore it is unilateral decision of China", he further said that " the network that China is going to build: will hardwired China's interests, China's ultimate goal is to isolate US (United States) and work with Asia and Europe".
The One Belt, One Road - or OBOR, to be more succinct - saw heads of state and government from 29 countries, representatives from more than 40 other countries, and heads of UN and multilateral financial agencies, including IMF and World Bank, turn up in Beijing.
'As far as the Belt and Road (OBOR) problem is concerned, we have no problem with that, except of course, we would not like to see too many warships in this area, because warships attract other warships, and this place may become tense because of the presence of warships,' he said.
Cirro Capital has agreed to acquire a significant stake in Hong Kong-based Belt and Road educational company OBOR Education Holdings Limited to expand its portfolio and further strengthen its position within the industry, the company said.
During the conference held by China's embassy on Wednesday, Aiguo added that the OBOR includes 64 countries along the Silk Road.
According to the European think tank Bruegel, which performed a study on the effects of OBOR on EU trade, a 10% reduction in railway, air and maritime costs would increase trade by 2%, 5.5% and 1.1% respectively.
Days after the acquisition, Cirro Capital made an announcement about the business activity spanning 20 European countries along the Belt and Road region with the resources and strong network provided by OBOR Education Holdings Limited.
The book takes its readers on an exuberant journey through the history of Silk Route to the One Belt, One-Road (OBOR) initiative and the political economy of the Sino-Pakistan relations.
Being a significant part of One Belt One Road (OBOR) or Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the Vice Chancellor said CPEC expects will bring a major boost in Pakistani economy and the youth of the country must be prepared themselves to reap the benefits of such mega projects.
He said that 'One Belt One Road (OBOR) was one of the main initiatives of President Xi's first term; this initiative will get a lot more impetus in his second term.
Yet, Beijing has not given up wooing New Delhi to participate in the venture under President Xi Jinping's ambitious One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative.