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OBPOn Base Percentage (baseball, softball)
OBPOnline Brand Protection (various organizations)
OBPOsaka Business Park (Japan)
OBPOceans Beyond Piracy (One Earth Future)
OBPObject Preset
OBPon Board Processing
OBPOrange-Bellied Parrot (bird)
OBPOpenBoot PROM (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
OBPOnafhankelijke Burgerpartij (Dutch: Independent Citizen Party)
OBPOn-Board Processing
OBPOn-Board Programming
OBPOffice of Biomass Program (US Department of Energy)
OBPOlive-Backed Pipit (bird)
OBPOn-Board Processor
OBPOne Book Program
OBPOnline Business Profile
OBPOrange Blossom Pilsner (Orlando, FL)
OBPOfficiële Belgische Postzegelcatalogus (Dutch)
OBPOri-Binding Protein
OBPOverbearing Parent
OBPOffice of Border Patrol
OBPObject Based Programming
OBPOyster Black Pearl (drums)
OBPOn-Board Power
OBPOctamer Binding Protein (molecular biology)
OBPOutcome-Based Plan
OBPOregon Board of Pharmacy
OBPOfficer's Battle Pod (gaming)
OBPOptimized Business Process
OBPOpen Bridging Protocol
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According to international standards (such as ASTM D6954), the use of OBP would demand proof of degradation and biodegradation, and confirmation that there are no heavy metals or ecotoxicity.
For example,Saudi Arabiaand the United Arab Emirates have banned the import or manufacture of conventional plastics for a wide range of products, and both now require that plastic products be upgraded with OBP technology.
OBP aims to remedy this problem and increase information integration across the IC and DOD by creating a common landing zone for data that cross organizational and functional boundaries.
According to OBP, the features eliminate the time and expense of reprocessing, while reducing the risk of cross-contamination inherent with reusable devices and external light sources.
In major-league history, the player who won the OBP title most often was indeed Ted Williams, with 12.
The cost of suppressing piracy in terms of first order costs had only decreased by around 20 percent to around $6 billion according to the latest Economic Cost of Piracy Report by OBP.
In 2008, Tymoshenko had successfully blocked what she called the "shadowy privatisation" of the OBP.
In the study, the OBP readings (both systolic and diastolic) were slightly but significantly lower than those achieved with ABP or ROBP.
The majority of subjects (94% according to ABP monitoring values) had OBP values in the prehypertensive range, he added, suggesting that masked hypertension might be regarded as a high-risk subset of prehypertension.
Hard-hitting Hall of Famers trailing Cullenbine's OBP were: