OBPDOrange Beach Police Department (Alabama)
OBPDOld Brookville Police Department (New York)
OBPDOak Bay Police Department (Canada)
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In 1999, slopes fitting yield across OBPD for each gap type (Fig.
There were no differences between treatments containing a gap versus those not containing a gap in 2000 regarding yield response to OBPD, since the OBPD x gap type interaction was not significant (Table 2).
In 2001, OBPD was the only significant effect (Table 2).
In 1999 and 2000, gap type and OBPD main effects were significant (Table 2) as overall micronaire values averaged across gap types increased with OBPD values and micronaire values in treatments containing a fruiting gap were lower than those in treatments not containing a fruiting gap (Fig.
However, these data were used to compare NACB and OBPD methods of timing defoliation and there did not appear to be a significant advantage to using either technique.
This research is consistent with previous studies demonstrating a positive relationship between OBPD and yield and the importance of delaying defoliation (Snipes and Baskin, 1994).
1) and the OBPD main effect was significant (Table 2).
Cultivar and OBPD main effects were significant and the OBPD by cultivar interaction was not significant (Table 3).
Thus, UHM did not change significantly with increasing OBPD. Length uniformity exhibited a significant OBPD by cultivar interaction in 1999 (Table 2).
The OBPD x cultivar interaction was not significant and DP 5409 had significantly stronger fiber than ST 474 across years (Table 3).
Because there was no significant cultivar x method of timing defoliation interaction with respect to micronaire values taken at harvest, values from both cultivars were combined and examined for their relationship with OBPD, NACB, and micronaire values taken at defoliation (Fig.
Although not always significantly different from 0, there was a trend associating increasing OBPD with increasing yield.