OBPPOlweus Bullying Prevention Program
OBPPOffice of Budget and Program Planning (Montana)
OBPPOpen Book Peace Project (Chicago, IL)
OBPPOregon Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
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Research has shown that the OBPP reduces bullying behaviors by as much as 50%, reduces vandalism and truancy, and reduces the number of new victims.
La idea a priori, como una hipotesis primitiva, de los autores sobre el estado de las OBPP chilenas, era que estas organizaciones estaban muy lejanas del concepto de biblioteca publica en contexto de libertad y por lo tanto nos encontrariamos bibliotecas con bibliotecarios y colecciones muy deficientes y no suficientes en cantidad.
The OBPP describes itself as a "comprehensive school-wide program" that involves students, teachers, and parents.
Material and Method: We retrospectively reviewed 777 cases of OBPP who were observed at the Pediatric Neurology Department at Istanbul Medical Faculty between March 1989 and December 2010.
The school where this study took place has an established bullying prevention program (the OBPP) and the students should have taken the survey seriously due to this exposure to anti-bullying efforts.
McLean, Harvey, Pallant, Bartlett, and Mutimer (2004), evaluated a cohort of 53 mothers with children with OBPP between 3 months to 15 years of age.
Figure 1 The probability (p) of an obstetrical brachial plexus palsy (obpp) is directly proportinal to the magnitude (m) and acceleration (a) of the stretching force, and the cosine formed by the vector of the stretching force and the axis of the most vulnerable brachial plexus merve bundle (cos of [theta] @ bp); and inversely proportional to the resistance (r) of the most vulnerable brachial plexus nerve bundle (n) and of the shoulder girdle muscles (mu), joints and bones (b) p of obpp = m * a * cos theta @ bp/r (n+mu+j+b) The mechanism of action would seem a simple parameter to classify the causes of brachial plexus palsy in neonates, but it is not.
Gerald Zahorchak, Pennsylvania's secretary of education, stated in a 9/16/09 press release that "Pennsylvania is being viewed as a national model for creating changes in school culture thanks to the partnerships that have been developed between public and private organizations in our schools." One of these partnerships is with the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP).
(225) Olweus' pioneering research on bullying culminated in the Olweus Bullying Prevention Programme (OBPP), where the focus is not on discipline, but on intervention and engaging students in understanding and rejecting bullying.
OneBeacon Professional Partners (OBPP), a division of Massachusetts-based OneBeacon Insurance Group, is using the HealthRules software platform from HealthEdge Software Inc.
Eng et al., Obstetrical Brachial Plexus Palsy (OBPP) Outcome with Conservative Management, 19 MUSCLE & NERVE 884 (1996).
SP yanisira literaturde arteriyel iskemik inme, TBY nedeniyle gelisen hemipleji ve obstetrik brakial pleksus paralizisi (OBPP)'nde ZKHT'nin kullanimi bildirilmistir (22-26).