OBPSOn Base Plus Slugging (baseball statistic)
OBPSOlave Baden-Powell Society (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts)
OBPSObturacyjny Bezdech Podczas Snu (Polish: Obstructive Sleep Apnea; snoring)
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Informing further about the system, Siddhu said: "Though OBPS is facing some teething problems, professionals, applicants and even the ULBs staff is happy with the system as it has many advantages over manual system."
Furthermore, there are some advantages on dealing with OBPs because they are extracellular soluble proteins, and their structure is lesser complex than that of olfactory receptors with seven transmembrane domains (7TM).
Downing compiled a gaudy .421 OBP from the top spot in 1987, a year in which he led the American League in walks (106).
The patients' characteristics, mean OBPS scores, and PEG doses between groups were analyzed with a nonparametric rank-sum test (Mann-Whitney U Test).
While the collaboration and OBPS Index described above can stand independently as a specialized product designed specifically for opera and ballet researchers, it can also serve a valuable role in the debate of how libraries should best organize the wealth of music related materials published online.
Although CSPs share no sequence similarity with OBPs, these two groups of carrier proteins are characterized structurally by a hydrophilic surface and a hydrophobic core, respectively, to make them soluble in the sensillar lymph and to enable them to bind and carry olfactory ligands.
GoLytely was more effective for overall bowel cleansing and for cleansing of the ascending, transverse, and descending colon, as measured by the OBPS score.
OBPs have an advantage over plastics produced from starch or other agricultural products.
(The latter two metrics added together form OBPS.) We then were able to compare the action of the model on each of those periods and also compare the hitting statistics of the players during each of the periods, and finally we could examine two streaks for interesting similarities or difference with respect to the model fit and the players' statistics.
Such supplements specifically, known as Oral Beauty Products (OBPs), are a relatively new development, experiencing a significant amount of growth from well-being-focused consumers seeking holistic solutions to managing their health needs.
In an instant, odorant-binding proteins (OBPs) located on the creature's antennae bind the molecules and transport them towards receptors located on the surfaces of the olfactory neurons.