OBQOzark Bar-B-Que (Sunrise Beach, MO)
OBQOn Board Quantity
OBQOssa Bene Quiescant (Latin: The Bones Rest Well, epigraphy)
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First, since its development, the dimensionality of the OBQ has been controversial.
In the present study, we examine to what extent the limitations observed using the OBQ are also identifiable when another instrument specifically designed to measure OCD-beliefs is applied.
Several other studies also examined the structure of the OBQ (Faull, Joseph, Meaden, & Lawrence, 2004; Julien, O'Connor, & Aardema, 2007; Myers, Fisher, & Wells, 2008; Sica et al., 2004; Woods, Tolin, & Abramowitz, 2004; Wu & Carter, 2008).
Although different OCD-related scales and different methods were used, studies of the links between OCD symptom subtypes and belief domains produced results supporting the relationship of dimensions of the OBQ to OCD.
A recent analysis conducted on a previous 87-item version of the OBQ revealed three empirically derived factors that correspond to cognitive constructs hypothesized to be highly relevant to OCD: 1) responsibility and threat estimation, 2) perfectionism and intolerance for uncertainty, and 3) importance and control of thoughts (OCCWG, 2005).
Participants in the four experimental groups did not differ with respect to age, F(3,96) = 1.75, n.s., nor did they differ in terms of their mean total scores on the BDI, F(3,96) = .45, n.s., the BAI, F(3,96) = 2.44, n.s., the VOCI, F(3,96) = 1.85, n.s., or the OBQ, F(3,96) = .24, n.s.
Aside from members of FVQ and Elite Qatar, other community groups who took part in the activity were member of The Filipino Community, SRB, FAMS, Kabisig, HERO Qatar, Kusina ng Pinoy, Republika Supremo, APO Qatar, Qatar Pilipino Helping Hand, GRII Lady Force, BMKQ, AKO OFW, TGBI, OBQ, PGBI, Kapuso, Familia, Buklod, Ilokano Group, Association of Filipino Realtors & Entrepreneur Executives in Qatar (AFREEQ), AGWI , TSDQ, GSSI, Brethren, Ang Munting Tambayan, GGGBAI and Filipino Institute Qatar.
En ambos casos, el OBQ esta formado por tres dominios de creencias: Responsabilidad/Estimacion de la amenaza, Perfeccionismo/Incertidumbre e Importancia/Control de los pensamientos.
Cuestionario de Creencias Obsesivas--Version infantil (Obsessive Beliefs Questionnaire--Children version, OBQ; OCCWG, 2005).