OBRLOrgone Biophysical Research Laboratory
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This study has confirmed that the long leptin receptor splice variant (OBRL) is expressed in blood mononuclear cells from lean and obese subjects [25].
Assuming that the downregulation of OBRL reflects a similar reduction in leptin receptor numbers on the cell surface (i.e., mRNA versus protein levels), this might contribute to the apparent leptin resistance of obese individuals.
In the present study, there was no difference in leukocyte expression of OBRL between obese adolescents and adults, this finding being expected because of the similar high leptin levels in both obese groups.
In conclusion, this study demonstrates that obese adults exhibit alterations in circulating levels of some adipokines (particularly, adiponectin and leptin) and ghrelin and in leukocyte expressions of the related receptors (i.e., ADIPOR2, OBRL, and GHSR1a), which sustain a low-grade chronic inflammation as demonstrated by their associations with some acute phase reactants, including CRP and white blood cells.