OBRSOur Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart (Camper Van Beethoven album)
OBRSOptical Beam Rider Sensor
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With regard to liquid food, only infant formula sweetened with OBRS demonstrates arsenic contamination above the U.S.
The OBRs need to paint a vivid, compelling picture while enduring the same conditions as their subjects and fellow crew members over the nine months, 11 ports and 38,789 nautical miles, before finishing up in June in the home of Volvo, Gottenburg, Sweden.
The onboard reporter (OBR) documents life on the boat, producing daily videos using waterproof handheld cameras, miniature cameras and radio-mics.
As the 7.62 OBR weighs nearly 10 pounds before the addition of a Schmidt & Bender 5-25X variable, I found it a bit heavier than a traditional bolt gun, but it offers sub-MOA accuracy, intuitive controls and extreme adaptability.
Bank Rossii uses OBRs as a means to absorb excess liquidity from the system.
Ms Magashula said with OBRS there would be no need to certify company documents at CIPA offices, and that it would reduce costs for customers in areas where there were no offices such as Kasane.
The researchers tested 3 commercially available brown rice syrups, 29 cereal bars (18 with OBRS), 3 high-performance "energy shot blocks" with OBRS, 15 infant formulas without the sweetener, and 2 toddler formulas with it.
Ms Sebetso said CIPA had successfully pushed for legal reforms to allow for more simplified processes of company registration through the OBRS.
Organic brown rice syrup (OBRS) is used as a sweetener in organic food products as an alternative to high-fructose corn syrup.
She said the reforms all hinge on the introduction of the Online Business Registration System (OBRS).