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OBSAIOpen Base Station Architecture Initiative
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[16] Open Base Station Architecture Initiative (OBSAI) BTS system reference document version 2.0, 2006.
The new OBSAI Analyzer allows users to conduct RF-based measurements over a fiber-optic link to locate interference affecting an RF module (RFM) by tapping into the fiber link between the RFM and baseband module.
The company is specialized in BiDirectional, Single Wavelength BiDi & Industrial Temperature Transceivers for Ethernet, CPRI, OBSAI, and Video.
The rV300i from ReVerb and AxisNT MIMO remote radio heads use CPRI and OBSAI digital interfaces to connect to OEM base station equipment.
In addition it can support SDH/SONET channelised interfaces, providing manufacturers with a new platform to design and develop OBSAI and CPRI compliant Node B designs.
The Open Base Station Architecture Initiative (OBSAI) has said that base station specifications covering the mechanics and functionality aspects of key modules, to complement the existing OBSAI interface specifications for the subsystem areas of Transport, Baseband and Control, are available.
This reportedly means that the OBSAI members now have a complete suite of both interface and hardware specifications that will allow for the production of base station modules to fit any OBSAI compliant base station.
The OBSAI group has 100 members and has also completed a power system interface.