OBSSOverlapping Basic Service Set (IEEE)
OBSSOrbiter Boom Sensor System (space shuttle)
OBSSOrigins Billion Star Survey (NASA)
OBSSOpen Business Software Solutions (Turkey)
OBSSOff Board Sensor Systems
OBSSOutward Bound Sea School (Aberdovey, North Wales)
OBSSOperational Briefing Support System
OBSSOrdo Byantinus Sancti Sepulchr (Byzantine Order of the Holy Seplchre)
OBSSOne Bundle Sliding Shelf (USPS mail sorting case)
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Like all Ottobock seating products, the new OBSS Ortho-Shape comes with unparalleled service and support.
Now, with the introduction of the OBSS Ortho-Shape Back, we've expanded our custom seating portfolio by taking a more orthotic approach to wheelchair seating that provides active and involved users greater postural support and more freedom of movement."
Weighing less than 5lbs with hardware, the OBSS Ortho-Shape Back is easy for caregivers to transport.
Caption: The OBSS Ortho-Shape lightweight back support incorporates body alignment, pressure distribution, and directional forces for comfortable postural control.
However, in the OBSS environment where a link is usually crowded with the frames from numerous BSSs, this might not be true.
The goal of this study is to introduce and validate the idea that in the OBSS environment reducing the link parameter of the retry limit does congestion control and improves performance.
It is based on the observation that excessive error recovery might be ineffective in the OBSS environment.
Section 3 explains the effects of reducing the retry limit in private OBSS environments.
WHOI and SIO each will build and operate two distinct types of OBSs. One will be used for short deployments to record predominantly short-period (i.e.
Short-period OBSs are usually used in closely spaced arrays for durations of days.
The WHOI short-period OBSs, called "D2s," have a six-month battery capacity and are equipped with a seismometer and a hydrophone.
In typical experiments using short-period OBSs, large numbers of instruments must be deployed repeatedly during 30-day cruises.