OBTAOregon Business Travel Association
OBTAOhio Business Teachers Association
OBTAOntario Baton Twirling Association (Ontario, Canada)
OBTAOrange Blossom Tennis Association (Orlando, FL)
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Non-interest income over total income (NIITI) (Kohlbeck 2005) and off balance sheet activity (OBTA) are used as proxies for the complexity of banking operations.
In addition to the OBTA, which started with the 25th anniversary of NABT, we offer 15 awards.
Puso en marcha en 1992 el Centre for Studies on the Classical Tradition in Poland and East-Central Europe (OBTA).
The value of each factor (sign site and structure) is reflected in its rental and/or construction costs, including the cost of obta ining the required permit.
However, the highest achievable draw ratio accompanied by the best degree of orientation and/or birefringence, and the highest tensile strengths of the gel specimens can be obta ined only by drawing the gel specimens using the most optimum drawing temperature and rate (i.e.
Thus, 91 percent of Ethiopian Israelis who obta ined matriculation certificates at the end of twelfth grade came from the State Religious system and, in particular, from this system's boarding schools.
Instead of setting that standard, the Court has imposed three conditions: (1) The information must be accurate; (2) it must have obvious "public interest"; and (3) it must not have been "unlawfully obta ined." (4) The first criterion is obvious enough; spreading false information would not only subject the publisher to civil liability for defamation, but also would elicit little sympathy even from a court generally committed to protecting free expression and communication.
If His Majesty orders us to go far away, to obta in information on any matter, we will try to learn the thing in detail and each of us to keep this promise in whatever concerns us.
He was a gentleman who desired above all the splendor of virtuous accomplishment: He sought great honor, power, and wealth, but "he thought that it was necessary to obta in these things with justice and nobility, but without them, not [to obtain them] at all" (2.6.18; cf.
It is based on the way many businesses obta in new productive capital: borrowing money by using the equipment to be purchased as collateral, and paying off the loan through the additional revenues generated by this equipment.