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OBTSOrganizational Behavior Teaching Society
OBTSOptical Bandwidth Test Set
OBTSOffender Based Tracking System (Connecticut)
OBTSOffender Based Transaction Statistics
OBTSOn-Board Training System (US Navy)
OBTSOpen BVE Train Simulator (software)
OBTSOnce Bitten, Twice Shy
OBTSOffender Based Transaction System (Florida)
OBTSN-Oxydiethylene Benzothiazole 2-Sulfenamide
OBTSOrientation-Based Texture Segmentation (vision)
OBTSOffice of Building Technology, State and Community Programs (US DoE)
OBTSOrder Book Trading Static Monitoring
OBTSOverbonded Top Sheet
OBTSOn-Board Test Set
OBTSOverseas Business Trading System
OBTSOutput-Buffered Transition System
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It would also enable the OBTS and the separate system used by the Department of Corrections to be merged for additional analysis.
The OBTS has the following layered subsystems to support two-stage transformations of ontologies:
Nearly half of travel professionals in Asia (47 percent) are integrating more information into OBTs to educate business travelers about staying within policy.
The GNSS is a front-end stimulator that connects to a receiver and injects a signal representative of the synthetic environment being produced by the OBTS. Each GNSS can be used to create a synthetic radar environment composed of several classes of radar effects: 524 simultaneous platforms and/or munitions, 200 chaff blooms, 40 simultaneous simulated jammers, simulated identification-friend-or-foe (IFF) returns (on any entity with IFF assigned), 20 simulated radar beacons, simulated radar land-mass returns, National Imagery and Mapping Agency databases, simulated wind and wave effects and weather patterns.
What BFTT will do, continued O'Neal, is unify the legacy on-board trainers (OBTs) installed on a US surface combatant, amphibious ship or aircraft carrier into a seamless training system.
The use of OBTs is the wave of the future, according to the AAI source.
The cure package included OBTS and rubbermakers sulfur.
Table 1 - NR, SBR compounds NR compound Parts by weight Natural rubber 100 Carbon black N220 45 Zinc oxide 5 Stearic acid 2 Santoflex 13 1.5 Santocure NS 0.7 Sulfur 2.5 SBR compound SBR 1502 100 Carbon black N220 50 Zinc oxide 3 Stearic acid 0.5 Santoflex 13 1 OBTS accelerator 2.2 Sulfur 1.8
Natural rubber (CV 60) 50 phr Butadiene rubber (BR1220) 50 N330 carbon black 50 Napthenic processing oil 10 Sulfonic acid processing aid 2 Stearic acid 2 Paraffinic wax 3 6-ppd antiozonant 2 Hydrated-trimethylquinoline 2 Zinc oxide 3 Sulfur 1.75 Accelerator (OBTS) 1 176.75
"If a child were going to see a therapist for OBT services, and went to the therapist twice a month for one year, that's 24.