OBTSOrganizational Behavior Teaching Society
OBTSOptical Bandwidth Test Set
OBTSOffender Based Tracking System (Connecticut)
OBTSOffender Based Transaction Statistics
OBTSOn-Board Training System (US Navy)
OBTSOpen BVE Train Simulator (software)
OBTSOnce Bitten, Twice Shy
OBTSOffender Based Transaction System (Florida)
OBTSN-Oxydiethylene Benzothiazole 2-Sulfenamide
OBTSOrientation-Based Texture Segmentation (vision)
OBTSOffice of Building Technology, State and Community Programs (US DoE)
OBTSOrder Book Trading Static Monitoring
OBTSOverbonded Top Sheet
OBTSOverseas Business Trading System
OBTSOn-Board Test Set
OBTSOutput-Buffered Transition System
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In the proposed OBTS, we use OPML to encode transformed XML files for further use with a PDF reader (see Fig.
In the case study, we create a set of transformation rules and show that OBTS transforms the CFO to the NIST tool list and is able to assist computer forensics experts in selecting an appropriate tool for further digital evidence investigation.
For this project, OBTS and OTC have selected the Trident7[TM] Universal Access Platform, deployed in its EPON (IEEE 802.
We selected the Trident7 for, among other reasons, its simplicity of use and its flexibility to support both RF and IP video," said John Fisher, President of OBTS.
We are thrilled to be working with OBTS, which shows again how the Trident7 is gaining traction in both the U.
Initiating the OBTS development will make this visionary design a hallmark in our war against crime.
Oversight of the OBTS development will be provided by the statutorily established CJIS Governing Board.
The carbon black and oil levels remained the same, and the cure system was not modified, with the exception of a slight increase in OBTS.
0 Cyrez 963 RPC - - - Cyrez 964 RPC - - - CRA100 RPC - - - OBTS 0.