OBWOnline Brutal Wrestling
OBWOriginal Bank Wrapped (rolled coins)
OBWOh By the Way
OBWOccupied Band Width
OBWOne Block Wonder (quilting)
OBWOriginal Buffalo Wings (California)
OBWOriginal-Bank-Wrapper (numismatics)
OBWOuter Boundary Wall
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For many teens, OBW provides an introduction to the business world and their first hands-on entrepreneurial experience.
This method includes a time-frequency conversion technique with a signal OBW (Occupied Bandwidth) measurement based on wavelet de-noising method as shown in Fig.
Donations to Liverpool Carters'Horse Monument Fund,c/o LADT,45 Jordan Street, Liverpool L1 OBW.
Since 2011, Avcorp has been dealing in production of OBW assemblies under a long-term contract with BAE Systems.
Avcorp has been manufacturing OBW assemblies under a long-term contract with BAE Systems since 2011.
And, my congratulations to both the Avcorp and BAE Systems teams for their extraordinary efforts to support the F-35 OBW program.
She sent a series of emails to Mr Love in which she referred to Mrs Love, 51, as the OBW (old bitch whore) and developed an uncontrollable hatred of her.
Send further donations to Liverpool Carters' Horse Monument Fund, c/o LADT, 45 Jordan Street, Liverpool L1 OBW.