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OBROffice for Budget Responsibility (UK)
OBROhio Board of Regents
OBROptical Backscatter Reflectometer
OBROptimized Background Regimen (used in HIV treatment)
OBROfficial Baseball Rules
OBROrtsbeirat (German: Municipal Advisory Council)
OBROnline Banking Report
OBROne Block Radius
OBrOld British (linguistics)
OBROscillatory Baffled Reactor (plug-flow chemical reactor for mixing combinations of solids/liquids/gases)
OBROncology Business Review
OBROuter Boot Ring
OBROpen Box Return
OBROptimized Battle Rifle (firearm)
OBROrleans Bulldog Regiment (Orleans, IN school band)
OBROptimization-Based Recognition
OBROriginal Broadway Recording
OBROptional Benefit Rider (insurance)
OBROff But Registering
OBROutput between Regeneration (water treatment)
OBROle Buhl Racing (UK; motorsport electronics)
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The downgrade to 2017 borrowing figures signalled last month by the OBR came to a smaller-than-expected PS4.
The OBR now expects the public debt ratio to decline only slightly over the next three financial years.
It has not increased in the past decade, so an OBR forecast that it will recover to grow at half its historic rate is far from unduly pessimistic.
Without these and other changes, the OBR reckons that the PS10bn surplus Osborne was claiming for 2019-20 would in fact be a deficit of PS3bn.
Now, however, in this Budget, the OBR has revised up its forecasts for tax revenues quite significantly over the forecast period.
In the Philippines, the OBR will be held in major cities all over the country, with the main rising happening at the Bonifacio Shrine in Manila.
However, the same data from the OBR shows this will be driven largely by household consumption, despite an ongoing real-terms decline in wages, and the housing market, instead of business investment and exports.
OBR is a mechanism for reopening a bank very rapidly after a failure event.
Summary: On Valentine's Day 2013, women across the world stood together to highlight the One Billion Rising (OBR) campaign -- a global initiative by Eve Ensler, founder of V-Day -- and a rallying call to raise awareness about violence against women, which OBR ambassador and movie star Thandie Newton describes as "pandemic".
General government gross debt (GGGD) and public sector net debt are forecast by the OBR to peak in 2016-17 at 100.
Robert Chote, the OBR chairman, was responding to the prime minister's "no turning back" defence of the government's economic record in a speech on Thursday.