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OC-192Optical Carrier 192 (9953.28 Mbps leased line)
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The networks constructed by CLECs and emerging long-distance carriers used optical fiber suitable for OC-192 transmission.
The carrier-class design supports DS1 to OC-192 scalability and, as with the Traverse 2000 model, up to four can be supported in a standard 7-foot telco rack.
As the demand for bandwidth grows and the amount of data stored at the data center increases, there becomes a need for faster connections (e.g., OC-192) closer to the network edge and data centers.
As sales of the OC-192 grew, the design team identified an opportunity to lower the total cost of the OC-192 by reducing the cost of the filler packs.
The HMC445LP4 multiplier will convert an OC-12 clock frequency directly to OC-192 with up to +7 dBm output power operating from +5 V and consuming only 78 mA of current.
Continuing its aggressive rollout of new data services, AT&T announced in January that its OC-192 (10Gbps) IP backbone is now operational.
- Multiple 10Gbps (OC-192 / STM-64) connections on every core router.
The deployment also included the TM-Series' 4x OC-48 Muxponder, which multiplexes four OC-48 into a G.709 framed OC-192 signal.
Virtex-II Pro X FPGAs are the first programmable ICs that can directly drive optical transceiver OC-48 SONET compliant systems and simplify SONET implementation for OC-192 data rates and above.
Targeted at metro and edge routers, the new IDT NSEs operate at up to 250 million searches per second (MSPS) and enable line rate performance up to OC-192 and beyond.
The network is designed with the flexibility and scalability to enable Conxion to offer any amount of capacity between any two points in order to meet customers' changing bandwidth requirements for digital content transmissions -- whether OC-48 today, OC-192 next year, or OC-768 in the future.
Short range OC-192 will have a healthy growth rate also, since in most cases, it will be very popular in the MAN as the most inexpensive SONET method for connecting separated meshes of 10 GigE based equipment.