OC-768Optical Carrier 768 (39.680 Gbps)
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AT&T said the backbone network carries data at 40Gb/s without the need for multiplexing and confirmed it has deployed 40Gb/s (or OC-768) technology on over 50,000 wavelength miles of its US IP/MPLS backbone network to date.
Trak Microwave has introduced a low pass filter used in fiber optics SONET-SDH (synchronous optical network-synchronous digital hierarchy) OC-768, optical multi-service platforms, metro and long haul transmitter receiver module applications.
TRAK Communications introduced a new low pass filter for use in fiber optics SONET-SDH OC-768 optical multi-service platforms, metro and long haul transmitter receiver module applications.
An innovation in materials science is enabling 3M to help its telecommunications customers make the leap from OC-192 to OC-768 (or 10 Gbps to 40 Gbps).
The CityStream is a protocol-agile, multi-player bandwidth manager that supports critical SONET/SDH, ATM and IP services, simultaneously, from DS-1 to OC-768. The system improves bandwidth efficiency and enhances the utilization of switching and routing resources by distributing service creation to the edges of the network.
Verizon Business (Verizon), a provider of advanced communications and IT solutions to large business and government customers and a unit of Verizon Communications (NYSE:VZ), has announced it has deployed one of the first router-to-router 40Gb/s (OC-768) circuits carrying live traffic using T-series core routers from Juniper Networks Inc, a high-performance networking infrastructure provider.
As bit rates in digital fiber-optic transmission systems continue to increase (OC-48, OC- 192 and OC-768), tracking and measuring ORL is becoming increasingly important.
This full line of synchronous optical network (SONET) semiconductor packaging ranges from OC-48, OC-192 solutions, to the research and development on the next generation OC-768. These ceramic, glass and metal-based packages are used in the fiberoptics market for packaging a variety of semiconductors used in broadband SONET topologies.
As part of the trial the companies were able to demonstrate interworking between the Lucent LambdaXtreme system and a high capacity router carrying IP traffic over an OC-768 interface, Lucent and Japan Telecom said.
In order to support the necessary data applications, 40 Gbps (OC-768) systems are already being developed and prototyped for use in several long-haul and transoceanic communications links.