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OC1Outrigger Canoe (one person)
OC1Office Channel One
OC1Optical Carrier Level One
OC1Open Canoe (one person)
OC1Optical Carrier 1 (51 Mbps leased line; also seen as OC-1)
OC1Oblique Classifier 1
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Las fechas del nivel oc3 son consistentes con su formacion durante el Mis 3-2, mientras que para el nivel oc2 tenemos una fecha por pIR-IR de 118 [+ o -] 9 ka, que seria a su vez una edad minima para el proceso de formacion de este nivel y tambien para el nivel oc1. Los resultados de estas dataciones indican que el yacimiento se habria formado con anterioridad al Mis 5, probablemente durante el Mis 6--191-123 ka--y, por lo tanto, en momentos finales del Pleistoceno Medio.
While lacking the dense ornamentation of OC1, many vocal difficulties are also present in Stuart's melodies, including the use of a high register, wide leaps, and written out flourishes and melismas.
C1 and C2: concave mirrors with ROC of 150 mm; HR: flat mirror with high reflectivity; M1: sliver mirror; PZT: piezo translator; OC1 and OC2: output couplers.
Amphetamine consistently increased spine density and dendritic branches in the NAc core, NAc shell, mPFC, caudate, and putamen, but decreased spine density in oPFC and Oc1. (54,58-60) Cocaine increased dendritic spine density and dendritic branches in the NAc shell, medium spiny neurons, mPFC pyramidal neurons, and VTA dopaminergic neurons (Table 3).
As can be seen from Figure 3 exemplarily for the configurations oc1 and oc2, the volumetric contribution is basically identical, in agreement with the above argument, but the chemical contributions differ significantly.
Porque si en Tiro y en Sidon se hubieran hecho las maravillas que en vosotras se han hecho, ha tiempo que se hubieran arrepentido en saco y en ceniza" (OC1:362), esta--de nuevo--muy cerca de la version de RV: " !Ay de ti, Corazin!
A punch aliquot (0.50 [cm.sup.2]) of a quartz fiber filter sample is heated stepwise in an oven at 140[degrees] (OC1), 280[degrees] (OC2), 480[degrees] (0C3), and 580[degrees]C (OC4) in a pure helium atmosphere for OC volatilization and 580[degrees] (EC1), 740[degrees] (EC2), and 840[degrees]C (EC3) in a 2% oxygen-contained helium atmosphere for EC oxidation.
These 16 items constitute two scales: eight items with substantial and unique loadings which measures the task orientation of organizational culture (further OC1) and the other eight measures relationship orientation (further OC2) [56].The statements in questionnaire to measure organizational culture dimensions cover various subjects such as in order to measure relationship orientation" the interpersonal relationships between organizational members has been asked.
Por lo general, la informacion que se busca es de cronica roja o tiene que ver con acciones militares (Taller OC1).
Example n f m [j.sub.max] FDM2 6 400 3 600 5 50 rail5k/1k 5 177 1 377 6 150 ifiss2 16 641 4 225 4 100 Example Properties Source FDM2 E = [I.sub.n], G = [I.sub.f], [22, Example 2] B, C random rail5k/1k A, F snd, E, G spd OC1,ID=38881 ifiss2 E, -G spd, B, C random IFISS [32] T-CD3 Table 3.2 Results for the Sylvester examples using different shift strategies: [t.sub.shift] and [t.sub.ADi] denote the times spend for computing the shifts and executing G-fADI, respectively, and the total consumed time is [t.sub.total].