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Though enjoying meager autonomy, rural employees are more proactive (OC5; [t.sub.stat] 3.35 > [t.sub.crit] 2.59 and P0.001 < [alpha] 0.01) and more friendly to each other (OC3; [t.sub.stat] 2.28 > [t.sub.crit] 1.97 and P0.023 < [alpha] 0.05) than urban employees.
Only 26 (HC1, HC2, HC3, HC4, HC5, SC1, SC2, SC3, SC4, SC5, SC6, SC7, RC1, RC2, RC3, RC4, RC5, RC6, RC7, OC2, OC3, OC4, OC5, OC7, OC10, and OC11) have been found momentous constituents of Intellectual Capital as per Indian service sector.
The ownership structure is defined from two constrains 1 is ownership mix which express the 100% holding of the firm and is expressed by the %age of shares held by (DIR INST ASSO FOR DP and OTH) and ownership concentration defined by the %age of shares held by (GRE VR10 OC5 FOOC25 FOOC50).
Estas foram assim denominadas: OC5 (oleo de canola 5%), OA5 (oleo de arroz 5%), OS5 (oleo de soja 5%), OC10 (oleo de canola 10%), OA10 (oleo de arroz 10%) e OS10 (oleo de soja 10%).
OC5 Work rarely lets me go; it is still on my mind when I go to bed.
Rank order of knowledge management items Item Description Mean SD OC3 Have become a 4.83 1.36 customer-focused organization ID2 Have implemented completely 4.45 1.52 reliable information networks and communication systems (software, hardware, etc.) EL2 Business leaders committed 4.37 1.66 to the principle of lifelong learning OC5 Have adopted an organizational 4.28 1.52 culture with shared vision, values, and goals OCl Have flattened the 4.13 1.54 organizational hierarchy ID3 Have developed and implemented 4.1 1.45 procedures that ensure standardization of information in all business operations ID4 Have developed business 4.06 1.41 policies and procedures to ensure complete data integrity ?
Table 4 Estimated values of the regression parameters for the initial model not including Mill Hill scores Factors Values of intercepts Female 40.73 Male 40.29 OC1 0 OC2 -3.36 OC3 manual -7.59 OC3 non-manual -13.60 OC4 -16.25 OC5 -16.76 Slope parameter: age = -0.438 Note.
SQ1 0.158 0.644 SQ2 0.036 0.664 SQ3 0.102 0.759 SQ4 0.051 0.674 SQ5 0.074 0.764 SQ6 0.081 0.735 SQ7 0.030 0.532 SQ8 0.044 0.793 SQ9 0.251 0.712 OC1 0.358 0.406 OC2 0.886 0.076 OC3 0.566 0.058 OC4 0.835 0.095 OC5 0.881 0.044 OC6 0.561 0.136 OC7 0.712 0.147 OC8 0.780 0.155 OC9 0.823 0.112
For the full sample enterprises, the main observation variables, the variable coefficient of ESOP 4.329>0, at 1% significant level of probability of statistically significant, ESOP and ownership concentration degree oc5 cross terms in the coefficient of variable -0.057<0, and statistically significant at 1% probability level.
Operational level criteria Criteria Designation Unit of Measure Max/ Min "Work in progress" OC1 # Max turnover Cost of material flow OC2 BAM Min Cost of the flow of OC3 BAM Min information and personnel Handling optimization OC4 Linguistic value Max Number of injuries of OC5 # Min employees per year Number of thefts of OC6 # Min materials and equipment per year To provide convenience OC7 Linguistic value Max for workers and improve job satisfaction Percentage of equipment OC8 % Max that performs the function in the observed period Daily effective OC9 h/day Max engagement of employees Table 4.
The heatwave may have ended, but inside the OC5 call centre at the Wilton International site near Redcar, beachwear and grass skirts were the order of the day.