OC6Outrigger Canoe (six person)
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Nevertheless, in both the locations, employees are fairly enthusiastic to accept high level responsibilities (OC6).
Irrespective of the different calculation of stroke length, it is likely that the adoption of a consistent stroke length throughout the outrigger canoeing time trial is a learned skill, given that anecdotally, coaches encourage stroke consistency in OC6 paddlers to maximise within-crew paddling synchrony.
Dondale: Biodiversity, Research Branch, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, 960 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario KIA OC6, Canada.
iWay Software and Oc6, developer and producer of professional document management systems have a partnership agreement to enable customers to integrate multi-domain back-office data into different types of documents, adding value to both digital and printed assets.
Cruickshank, 504-2nd Street SE, Medicine Hat, AB T1A OC6; 403-526-4542; st_johns@ telusplanet.net of Rev.
Stewart, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Eastern Cereal and Oilseed Research Centre, Ottawa, ON, K1A OC6 Canada.
57, Ottawa, ON K1A OC6, Canada) derived a linear model to describe the thermal inactivation of Listeria in bovine whole milk in a high-temperature short-time (HTST) pilot-scale pasteurizer.
SQ1 0.158 0.644 SQ2 0.036 0.664 SQ3 0.102 0.759 SQ4 0.051 0.674 SQ5 0.074 0.764 SQ6 0.081 0.735 SQ7 0.030 0.532 SQ8 0.044 0.793 SQ9 0.251 0.712 OC1 0.358 0.406 OC2 0.886 0.076 OC3 0.566 0.058 OC4 0.835 0.095 OC5 0.881 0.044 OC6 0.561 0.136 OC7 0.712 0.147 OC8 0.780 0.155 OC9 0.823 0.112
Operational level criteria Criteria Designation Unit of Measure Max/ Min "Work in progress" OC1 # Max turnover Cost of material flow OC2 BAM Min Cost of the flow of OC3 BAM Min information and personnel Handling optimization OC4 Linguistic value Max Number of injuries of OC5 # Min employees per year Number of thefts of OC6 # Min materials and equipment per year To provide convenience OC7 Linguistic value Max for workers and improve job satisfaction Percentage of equipment OC8 % Max that performs the function in the observed period Daily effective OC9 h/day Max engagement of employees Table 4.
50, Central Experimental Farm, Ottawa ON, Canada K1A OC6. Received 15 April 2000.