OCACOverseas Compatriot Affairs Commission (Taiwan)
OCACOregon College of Art & Craft (Portland, OR)
OCACOverseas Chinese Affairs Commission (Taiwan)
OCACOil Companies Advisory Committee (Pakistan)
OCACOrganisation of Central Asian Cooperation (various nations)
OCACOcean City Arts Center (New Jersey)
OCACOperations Control & Analysis Center
OCACOceanic Air-Traffic Control
OCACOffice, Chief of the Air Corps (US DoD)
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OCAC identified 6 companies who were given the prequalification of EOI
The OCAC said the most likely cause of any observed catalyst blocking was a faulty engine management system or high sulphur fuels.
Thus the excursions, like the language classes and cultural activities, varied in their effectiveness "to give students a multifaceted and deeper understanding of their motherland," as the OCAC hoped.
A number of prochoice groups, including CARAL National, Abortion by Choice (CARAL-Edmonton), the CRC, and OCAC, prepared briefs to the Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies, and predictable differences of emphasis occurred therein, with CARAL National taking up only those issues of direct relevance to abortion, Abortion by Choice emphasizing preventive measures and adequate testing, and both OCAC and the CRC exploring a wider range of topics, including in vitro fertilization, informed choice, and the significance of sensitivity to class, race, sexual orientation, and disability issues in evaluation studies.
But OCAC warned PRL would cease operations on Monday and which could jet fuel shortage to Karachi Airport.
On the weekend, the OCAC reported that Pakistan Refinery Limited (PRL) had been forced to 'recycle' furnace oil to keep its machines functioning but would be forced to shut down on Monday and impact jet fuel to Karachi airport.
The report said the federal cabinet in June 2001 entrusted the role of fixing oil prices to the OCAC under monitoring by the director general of oil, but none of the directors general performed the task and some of them even expressed ignorance about the cabinet decision.
Tenders are invited for Construction of interior partition wall along with flooring and false ceiling works, Furniture and finishing works for NIELIT CENTRE at OCAC building at Acharya Vihar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.
Tenders are invited for supply and installation of Desktop Computers, Printer, Scanner, Projector and Networking items in the training labs located at OCAC Facility Centres at Berhampur & Rourkela.
In this regard, Oil Companies Advisory Committee (OCAC) shall short list/approve the manufacturing companies based on the best international practices and no vehicles made by the companies other than those shortlisted/approved by the OCAC could be placed in oil transport service.
OCAC provides data of 11 items, Moi of 36 items while PBoS proved data of remaining 65 items.