OCAHOOffice of the Chief Administrative Hearing Officer
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See McDonnell Douglas, 2 OCAHO 351, at 361 (1991) (finding employer unlawfully rejected qualified U.
Particularly, the OCAHO complaint is not required to show that "the pleader is entitled to relief.
A complaint filed before OCAHO "has already been the subject of an underlying administrative process," such as an ICE inspection, and, thus, an OCAHO complaint "will ordinarily come as no surprise to a respondent that has already participated in the underlying process.
However, OCAHO case law does not support that leniency is warranted based solely on the lack of prior violations.
Although OCAHO recently issued several employer-favorable decisions, the majority of those decisions involved companies that were considered small businesses.
MEMF LLC d/b/a Black & Blue Steak & Crab-Buffalo, 10 OCAHO no.