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OCASOrange County Animal Services (various locations)
OCASOffice of Compensation Analysis and Support
OCASOntario College Application Service
OCASOrange County Annual Survey (University of California, Irvine)
OCASOn-Line Cryptanalytic Aid System
OCASOfficer-In-Charge of Armament Supply (US Navy)
OCASOhio College of Applied Science (University of Cincinnati)
OCASOrganisation of Central American States
OCASOffice of Contracting and Administrative Services (OPM)
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OCAS provides a web-based facility for applicants to submit admission application(s) online.
Qualys OCA offers customers a simple alternative method to reduce that risk by assessing the security of these critical disconnected assets via an API that extracts asset, configuration and vulnerability data and delivers it into the Qualys Cloud Platform for inclusion in their overall security and compliance program.
The patented OCAS warning system keeps wind farm strobe lights off at all times unless an aircraft is detected on an unsafe heading towards the wind turbine.
The two entities responded with a joint rule that left most of the information on the Internet but diverted the most sensitive information--a section in the RMPs called the "offsite consequence analysis" (OCA), which describes potential impacts to the community resulting from worst-case scenarios involving chemical releases--to 50 secure reading rooms around the country.
To measure their progress, OCAS selected a Form Talysurf Series 120mm Interferometric System for the production of a 3D representation of the steel surfaces, with the objective of researching and developing optimized parameters for ranges and applications of sheet steel.
OCAS had processed almost one million applications during the past few years.
The Obstacle Collision Avoidance System or OCAS is an innovative solution that only activates the lights when an aircraft is operating in the immediate vicinity of a wind power plant.
LAHORE -- Out of 716 public colleges registered for online admission, 651 colleges across Punjab have received 245,806 applications since the launch of admission cycle 2017 on July 27, 2017 through Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) Online College Admissions System (OCAS) developed for Higher Education Department (HED) of Punjab for processing intermediate admissions applications for their FA, FSC, ICS programs.
The process was launched on July 27, 2017 through the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) under the Online College Admissions System (OCAS), developed for Higher Education Department (HED) of Punjab for processing intermediate admission applications for their FA, FSC, ICS programmes.