OCASIOntario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (Canada)
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Umbrella Organizations of Varying Capacity Organization AMSSA SAISIA Province British Columbia Saskatchewan Organization Founded 1977 1987 Full Member Organizations (a) 67 10 Personnel Expenditures (a) $629,368 $75,671 New Permanent Residents in 36,210 10,679 Province, 2013 (b) Organization MIRSSA OCASI Province Manitoba Ontario Organization Founded -- 1978 Full Member Organizations (a) 46 236 Personnel Expenditures (a) $50,577 $2,374,384 New Permanent Residents in 13,100 103,494 Province, 2013 (b) (a) Based on each organization's 2014 annual report.
In 1987, OCASI and George Brown College undertook a pilot training project (Counselling Skills for Immigrant Settlement Workers) with funding and developmental support from the Ontario government.
Go, "The Broken Dream of an Immigrant without Status" (Toronto: OCASI, 2002).