OCATEOregon Center for Advanced Technology Education
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OCATE provides further upper division and graduate work.
Trocaire encouraged her to stand for election Number of ad ocate omen and advocate for women struggling to live at the camp.
In 1985 the AEA worked with the Legislature to create the Oregon Center for Advanced Technology Education (OCATE), through which the state's universities cooperate to serve the research and continuing education needs of the industry.
"I am doing everything I can to rebuild the British economy, and make sure we have the roads and railways to make companies ocate here." " The chancellor's Virginoney appearance caused set on the left, however, th claims the Chancelbroke parliamentary otocol by failing to form the local MP Chi nwurah of his visit.
Eloise is finally persuaded by her gorgeous, endlessly-loving ocate from pretty Dartmouth.
Yet, this institution still all ocates money for analyses for implementation of this agreement signed in 2001.
If firm 3 chooses C, then firm 4 l ocates at B if [PI](#7) - [PI](#5B) = 8(-6[t.sup.2] + 6tT - [T.sup.2]) is smaller than or equal to zero, and locates at C if it is larger than or equal to zero.
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