OCBIOrange County Bancorp Inc. (Middletown, NY)
OCBIOutgoing Call Barring
OCBIOhio Consolidated Builders, Inc. (Cleveland, OH)
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We statistically verified with the mediated moderation model if the results met all the following four requirements: (a) the relationship of workplace fun and P-O value congruence interaction with experienced fun was significant, (b) the relationships of workplace fun and P-O value congruence interaction effects with task performance and with OCBI were significant, (c) the relationship of experienced fun with task performance and OCBI was significant, and (d) the moderated intervention effects (the second requirement) would be at least partially mediated (or transmitted) by employees' experienced fun (Muller et al.
OCBI occurs when an employee goes above and beyond his or her formal job requirements to assist co-workers by engaging in behaviors such as helping those who are falling behind in their work and sharing work-relevant information (Bowler and Brass, 2006; Williams and Anderson, 1991).
OCBI is negatively related to burnout of the actor.
Thus the study hypothesizes the mediating relationship of organizational commitment in between perceived CSR and both OCBI and OCBO.
At time 2, interpersonal justice was found to be a significant predictor of both OCBI (b = .
In the case of OCBI, we observe in steps 2 and 3 that the [beta] coefficient turns out to be insignificant and thus we can conclude that there is no significant relationship between perceived CSR and OCBI; hence, the mediating role of job satisfaction is beyond question.
In our study however we intend to include distributive justice, while following the character-based approach to understand the process of how Organizational Justice impacts factors of OCBI and OCBO.
Reliability analysis revealed fairly satisfactory internal consistency for each dimension: OCBI ([alpha] = .
Thus, as seen in Figure 3, from an attribution perspective, supervisors reward high level of OCBI more than average OCBI, especially when IRB's are high.
adhere to organization informal rules), and (ii) OCBI or altruistic behaviors that immediately benefit specific individuals within the organization and indirectly through this means contribute to the organization effectiveness (e.
Thus, influencing task and organizational characteristics may be the key to promoting OCBI (Organ, 1990; Podsakoff, MacKenzie, & Bommer, 1996), by encouraging individuals to cooperate, share and help co-workers in order to attain the organizational goals (Erez & Somech, 1996; Knutson & Miranda, 2000; Mitchel & Silver, 1991).
OCBI, which include behaviors such as orienting new employees and assisting a fellow employee with a heavy work load), and more organizationally-focused OCBs that function as a more impersonal form of citizenship directed at accomplishing organizational goals (i.