OCBOOffice of Communications Business Opportunities
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Third, this study adds to the literature by showing that the interaction effect between distributive and procedural justice functions differently when predicting a recruiting-related OCBO behaviour that is important for organizations.
manifested that they already entered a compromise agreement with the complainant and the OCBO withdrew the case,' Lopez told TIMES.
This instrument makes it possible to evaluate two dimensions: OCBO and OCBI.
The organizational citizen identity, like OCB itself, comprises two dimensions: role identity with relation to OCBO (RIO) and role identity with relation to OCBI (RII).
In this study, we traced attempts to define the construct domain of OCB according to its target: (1) OCBI or behaviours directed at particular individuals, and (2) OCBO or behaviours directed at the organization as a whole.
Specifically, following the recommendations of Williams and Anderson (1991), who urge researchers to study the possible differential effects of variables on the two OCB dimensions, we ask whether POS is differentially related to OCBI and OCBO.
Conscientiousness includes attendance, cleanliness, and punctuality that go beyond normal requirements and represents the more impersonal OCBO facet.
The management of the mall also established a temporary fence when it gained a fencing permit from the OCBO in January.
The relationship between OCBO and the organizational concern motive (OC) is greater than between OCBO and the other motives.
Williams and Anderson found that two dimensions of job satisfaction significantly predicted either OCBO or OCBI.
From another point of view, Patki and Abhyankar (2016) examined the associations between the Big Five personality traits (e.g., agreeableness and conscientiousness) and OCB and found that conscientiousness, openness to experience, and extraversion were positively correlated both with behaviors directed toward individuals (OCBI) and with those directed toward the organization (OCBO).