OCBOOffice of Communications Business Opportunities
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Thus the study hypothesizes the mediating relationship of organizational commitment in between perceived CSR and both OCBI and OCBO.
OCBO is negatively related to burnout of the actor.
At time 1, interestingly, none of the relationships were significant except for the direct relationship between interpersonal justice and OCBO (b = .
407(Integrity) * * means significant The Relationship between EL Dimensions and OCBO TABLE 2: REGRESSION MODEL TO OCBO (Y) Independent Model Abstract Model Variable R [R.
A sample item for OCBI is 'I willingly give my time to help others who have work-related problems'; and for OCBO 'I take action to protect the organization from potential problems'.
In our study however we intend to include distributive justice, while following the character-based approach to understand the process of how Organizational Justice impacts factors of OCBI and OCBO.
Therefore, the present work proposes as a goal to study more in depth the influence of this type of leadership on OCBs, focusing on the relation of their four components with the OCBIs and the OCBOs.
Some of the latest human resource practices focus on the employees' extra-role behavior (both OCBO and OCBI) and following the prospect theory, such focus would enhance both employee productivity and organizational performance (Lepak & Shaw, 2008).
Williams and Anderson (1991) identified two broad dimensions of OCB as: (i) OCBO or general compliance behaviors that is directed toward the organization benefit in general (e.
Further, following a social exchange framework, we expect that extra-role OCBO behaviours will be more likely to result from procedural justice than from distributive justice.
Table 1: Results of Factor Analysis of OCB Scale Oblique Rotation (N=167) Item OCBS OCBO 1.
Specifically, following the recommendations of Williams and Anderson (1991), who urge researchers to study the possible differential effects of variables on the two OCB dimensions, we ask whether POS is differentially related to OCBI and OCBO.