OCBSOptical Composite Burst Switching
OCBSOrganizational Citizenship Behavior towards Sustainability
OCBSOhio Central Basin Steelheaders
OCBSOxford Centre for Buddhist Studies (Oxford, UK)
OCBSOrange County Board of Supervisors (Santa Ana, CA)
OCBSOpen Circuit Bisection
OCBSOregon Cavy Breeders Society (Salem, OR)
OCBSOxygen-Carrying Blood Substitutes
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Hypothesis three was rejected since no significant correlation was found between job insecurity and OCBs for the total sample population.
Our results confirm that the between-laboratory reproducibility for absence vs presence of OCBs is good and that monoclonal IgG bands may be misinterpreted as OCBs despite their typical ladder-like appearance in IEF (3,4).
A secondary purpose was to evaluate psychometric properties of the Oberst Caregiving Burden Scale (OCBS; Carey, Oberst, McCubbin, & Hughes, 1991; Oberst, 1990; Oberst, Thomas, Gass, & Ward, 1989) in stroke caregivers, since the original OCBS was developed in the context of cancer.
The main aim of the present study was to investigate OCBs in relation to permanent or temporary job status (Beard & Edwards, 1995; De Witte, 1999), comparing permanent employees with contingent employees who were on a contract.
POS was chosen as an antecedent based on both theoretical and empirical findings, suggesting the importance of this variable in influencing OCBs. That is, past research suggests a positive relationship between POS and extra-role behavior.
Bateman & Organ, 1983; Smith, Organ, & Near, 1983) first coined the term "Organizational Citizenship Behavior" (OCBs).
Manufacture and Compression Test of Hollow-Structured OCBs. We first weighed the reagent in proportion (Figures 4(a)-4(d)) according to the optimal formula of the oxygen candles and then mixed them using a KE-2L planetary ball mill (with a metal grinding jar and grinding ball) and set the speed at 280 r/min and the time at 5 min.
OCBs were present in 93.55% of patients, while MRZR and CSF analysis for Borrelia burgdorferi, neurotropic viruses and CNS parasites were negative in all patients.
In addition, people may use their personal resources to exert control over the abusive situation, for example, withholding discretionary behaviors, such as OCBs. Thus, I proposed:
Further, it has been observed that distributive justice may be a significant predictor of employees' OCBs because if employees believe outcomes to be unfair, then even if there is procedural fairness, the overall perceptions of equity and justice shall be undermined leading to employees' withdrawal from undertaking prosocial activities (Johnson, Holladay & Quinones, 2009).
The Possible Beneficial and Adverse Effects that May Arise from Stimulating OCBs Concerning Workers
OCBs can be understood as individual behaviors that are voluntary, and are not directly or explicitly defined by the formal reward system.