OCBSOptical Composite Burst Switching
OCBSOrganizational Citizenship Behavior towards Sustainability
OCBSOhio Central Basin Steelheaders
OCBSOxford Centre for Buddhist Studies (Oxford, UK)
OCBSOrange County Board of Supervisors (Santa Ana, CA)
OCBSOpen Circuit Bisection
OCBSOregon Cavy Breeders Society (Salem, OR)
OCBSOxygen-Carrying Blood Substitutes
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Psychometric analysis for the OCBS included item analysis, factor analysis, and internal consistency reliability estimates for each of the perceived time and difficulty subscales.
Psychometric data for the OCBS were provided as well.
Behavioral problems were broadly defined by the OCBS as moodiness, irritability, confusion, or memory loss (Oberst, 1990).
Using instruments to develop such a profile, such as the brief 15-item OCBS (Carey et al.
Findings provided evidence of good psychometric qualities for the OCBS at both the item and subscale levels.
In a different sample of 104 stroke caregivers, Bakas and Burgener (2002) documented that both the time and difficulty scores from the OCBS were significantly associated with emotional distress (r = 0.
Obviously, the OCBS measures caregiver perceptions of tasks rather than the tasks themselves.
Despite these limitations, findings revealed priority areas for intervention and strong psychometric qualities for the OCBS.
Because individual caregivers may have different perceptions of which tasks are most time-consuming or difficult, a tool such as the OCBS can provide a profile from which to individualize interventions to support family caregivers in their roles.