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OCCAMOffice of Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine
OCCAMOregon Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
OCCAMOcean Circulation and Climate Advanced Modelling
OCCAMOpen Conditional Content Access Management
OCCAMOberlin Center for Computation and Modeling (est. 2006; Oberlin College; Oberlin, OH)
OCCAMOpportunistic Cartesian Cosine Approximate Matcher
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Occam Technology Group, is an industry award-winning full-service contract engineering design and development firm capable of taking a product from initial concept or next-generation development through software/hardware design, verification and validation, quality, prototyping, and simulation.
That's because what Occam also does is eliminate the world's oldest joining material, a move guaranteed to do the technical equivalent to kicking the proverbial hornets' nests.
I have no interest in helping Zuckerberg conquer the world, so Occam's razor won the day.
And whatever else we may mean by intelligence, as per Occam's principle of economy, the best results of its application always employ the simplest ways of thoroughly answering a question, solving a problem, resolving an issue, or designing an object or system.
Though initially influenced by Scotus' philosophy and theology, Occam later criticised many of his ideas, including Scotus' understanding of universals.
* Occam Global, an executive recruitment firm, signed a new lease for 2,230 s/f on a portion of the 7th floor for a five-year term.
Using Occam's Razor, all these phenomena can be simply explained: People hurt others because they don't like them.
That's when it hit me; if I applied Occam's Razor, like in that Simpsons episode, I'd come to a logical conclusion: The RAND Corporation, in conjunction with the saucer people, under the supervision of the reverse vampires, are forcing exhibitors to go without publicity in a fiendish plot to eliminate business magazines!
Using the Occam's Razor approach, the simplest answer is all around you: the folks who work with you in your practice.
(This is the vexed question known in the philosophy of mind as "supervenience") Is this sort of dependency a problem too or, as with the Occam's razor discussion, am I indulging in sophistry again?
Developer: Creative Dimension Software Ltd., Surrey Technology Center, 40 Occam Road, Guildford GU2 7YG, England; +44 (0)1483 684816; fax +44 (0)870 762 6662; www.3dsom.com.