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OCCAROrganisation Conjointe de Coopération en matière d'Armement
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A contract amendment signed at the OCCAR headquarters in Bonn, Germany adds five aircraft to the two previously ordered by Netherlands and Luxembourg and includes four additional options to enable other nations to join the grouping.
OCCAR provided Armada with an update regarding current and future work pertaining to its development.
OCCAR (1996) Convention on the Establishment of the Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation.
Also known as the European Joint Organization for Armaments Cooperation, OCCAR became a legal entity in 2001.
The new solution will replace an existing one that saw the OCCAR manage risk via spreadsheets and other manual systems.
Es verdad, pero en el marco actual, se creo OCCAR (organismo conjunto de cooperacion en materia de armamento) que reagrupa a Gran Bretana, Alemania, Italia y Francia.
European countries, which are purchasing the planes via European procurement agency OCCAR, recognised the need to boost their strategic airlift capacity during the Gulf War in 1991.
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Airbus, European defence agency OCCAR and the Customer Nations have agreed to work on a number of contractual elements including a revamped delivery plan as well as a roadmap for the development and completion of military capabilities for the A400M.
Commencing in 2010, the ESSOR programme is managed by OCCAR (Organisation Conjointe de Cooperation en Matiere d'Armement/Joint Armament Control Organisation); a European intergovernmental organisation managing collaborative defence programmes involving Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.
Perhaps most promising in the long run is the creation of OCCAR (Organisme Conjoint de Cooperation en matiere d'ARmement) in 1996 by the governments of Britain, France, Germany and Italy to serve as a mechanism of collaborative project management (in particular the A400M military transport) that might yet evolve into a collective procurement arm.
programa de misiles MBDA (30), del avion caza Eurofighter Typhoon (31), o los implementados desde la Organisation Conjointe de Cooperation en Matiere d'Armement - OCCAR como el helicoptero Tiger, el avion A400M o los multiples sistemas de misiles (32), entre otros ejemplos).