OCCBOrganized Crime Control Bureau (NYPD)
OCCBOntario Conference of Catholic Bishops
OCCBOregon Construction Contractors Board (Salem, OR)
OCCBOttawa Community Concert Band (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
OCCBOceanic Credit Commission Bank (Spain)
OCCBOffice of Civilian Complaints Bureau (NYPD)
OCCBOrval Country Chapter Belgium (Harley Owners Group chapter)
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Also, on p.69 the section "Reaching out-Sponsored by the OCCB" (1994) quotes the figure of 10% of the population being "gay" This statistic has been wrong since Alfred Kinsey invented it 60 years ago and here it is repeated again.
Arbour and Blackburn, on the other hand, imply this irreversible sense and more when they tell educators that "more attention needs to be paid to the crucial moments of identity formation" in ('gay') students who are most at-risk in "the movement from self-awareness to self-acceptance." PG poses a challenge to 'pro-gay' biased thinking in saying that encouraging an affected youth away from homosexual ideology and practice should not be classified as "homophobia" (OCCB Letter to All Involved in Catholic Education, March 31, 2003, reprinted in PG, p.
An unfortunate event: OCCB congratulates Dalton McGuinty
The OCCB executive helped both of them to do it noiselessly.
22, the OCCB issued a press release, "Ontario Catholic bishops support protective legislation." The text reads: On February 22, 2005, the government of Ontario tabled legislation to respond to the decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal to redefine marriage as "the voluntary union for life of two persons to the exclusion of all others," a decision that we continue to oppose.
The OCCB soon enough realized it had committed a first-class blunder.
On March 15, the president of the OCCB, Bishop Richard Smith of Pembroke, issued a new statement to MPs trying to undo the damage of February 22.
In January I wrote the Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops (OCCB).
The Ontario Bishops' Conference has struck a special committee to study the controversial AIDS program, but revisions--and it appears there will be some--will not be forthcoming until the spring of 1999, says OCCB executive secretary Tom Reilly.
AIDS education presents "a fly in the ointment," the OCCB's Reilly said, because it has been mandated by the government.
The OCCB has endorsed the program and there appears to be no plan to amend the curriculum.