OCCDOldie Camping Club Deutschland (Germany)
OCCDOregon Center for Career Development (Portland State University; Portland, OR)
OCCDOhio Conference of Community Development
OCCDOrange County Corrections Department (Florida)
OCCDOperational Coordination Center District (Afghanistan)
OCCDOrange County Chiropractic District (California)
OCCDObsessive Chris Colfer Disorder (fan club)
OCCDObsessive Compulsive Cleaning Disorder
OCCDObsessive Compulsive Costuming Disorder
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Many of the homeless individuals who enter into OCCD jails suffer from a mental illness.
The length of stay for homeless inmates is not the only problem to be concerned about with regard to housing the chronically homeless; OCCD is also encountering issues with how many times these inmates end up back in Orange County Jail.
The OCCD in Gereshk acted as a relay station for our battalion to talk to our units in the AO; we set up a retrans antennae as well as a Stryker vehicle so TF Mohawk could better communicate with TF Mohawk units as they patrolled.
Any messages coming into OCCD from the ANA would he relayed manually to myself and the interpreter.
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Woodward, OCCD, 54; Sanitary Commission, Hints for the Control and Prevention of Infectious Diseases in Camps, Transports, and Hospitals (New York: William C.
In June 2015, OCCD conducted a survey to evaluate the success of its Veterans Program since its creation in 2012.
The first few questions asked inmates about their service history; subsequent sections examined aspects of the programs offered at OCCD.
Although the gender gap is not as prominent at OCCD, the national outlook is quite a different story.
In addition, some industries and organizations might even exhibit an equal presence of male and female employees in various positions, similar to OCCD.
In other words, OCCD was a typical jail--conventional, perfectionistic, focused on power and oppositional.
Experiences of domestic violence among women on probation or parole in Lane County, Oregon, OCCD Bulletin (May).