OCCDOldie Camping Club Deutschland (Germany)
OCCDOregon Center for Career Development (Portland State University; Portland, OR)
OCCDOhio Conference of Community Development
OCCDOrange County Corrections Department (Florida)
OCCDOperational Coordination Center District (Afghanistan)
OCCDOrange County Chiropractic District (California)
OCCDObsessive Chris Colfer Disorder (fan club)
OCCDObsessive Compulsive Cleaning Disorder
OCCDObsessive Compulsive Costuming Disorder
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In August 2010, OCCD began to track data on homeless inmates as part of the booking process.
In 2014, the average daily homeless inmate population in OCCD was 336, whereas the total amount of homeless individuals in Orange County was 1,701.
OCCD had received more than 363 vessels of various sizes, including very large crude carriers, container ships, tankers of liquefied natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas, chemicals tankers and vehicles ships, till the end of October.
The OCCD in Gereshk served as the headquarters (HQ) for the 6/4 Kandak.
The OCCD in Gereshk acted as a relay station for our battalion to talk to our units in the AO; we set up a retrans antennae as well as a Stryker vehicle so TF Mohawk could better communicate with TF Mohawk units as they patrolled.
(18.) Woodward, OCCD, 40, 209-13, 218, 223; William H.
In 2012, Captain Malik Muhammad and OCCD fulfilled their vision to create a specialized dormitory for qualified veteran inmates.
The aim of OCCD's survey was to simply identify what qualities are currently and frequently found in the U.S.
OCCD Employees' Top Ranks/Levels by Gender Gender Job Title Female% Male% Total Chief 1(100.0) 0(0.0) 1 Deputy Chief 1(50.0) 1(50.0) 2 Major/Civilian 2(33.3) 4(66.7) 6 Equivalent* Captain/Civilian 4(36.4) 7(63.6) 11 Equivalent Lieutenant/Civilian 22(56.4) 17(43.6) 39 Equivalent Sergeant/Civilian 38(52.1) 35(47.9) 73 Equivalent Corporal/Civilian 38(44.7) 47(55.3) 85 Equivalent Other 5(71.4) 2(28.6) 7 Total 111(49.6) 113(50.4) 224 *The "civilian equivalent" of a ranking is based on pay grade (e.g., unit supervisor is in a similar pay grade as a sergeant, and is therefore classified as such).
With 1,800 employees (certified, civilian and medical), OCCD houses more than 3,000 inmates and supervises almost 10,000 offenders in community programs.
Looking only at women under community corrections supervision, a 2002 study conducted by the Oregon Council on Crime and Delinquency (OCCD) in Lane County, Ore., indicated that the vast majority are or have been victims of domestic violence at some point in their lives: 85 percent have experienced physical violence including pushing, slapping, shoving or grabbing; 79 percent have experienced physical violence in the form of punching, kicking, strangling or hitting; and 46 percent have been raped or forced to have unwanted sex.
Florida -- Patricia Alexis, Orange County Corrections Department (OCCD); Joel Ashe, OCCD; Kent Bazan, OCCD; Jill Bessette, superintendent, Aluchua Regional Juvenile Detention Center; Richard L.