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OCCOOffice of Commissioned Corps Operations
OCCOOhio Council of County Officials
OCCOOnline Clinical Communications for Ophthalmologists
OCCOOregon Coast Chamber Orchestra
OCCOOklahoma Committee for Conscientious Objectors (Joy Mennonite Church; Oklahoma)
OCCOOhio Community Corrections Organization
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Assisting OCCO (Office of the Chief Compliance Officer within the EIB) in carrying out know your customer and integrity due-diligence checks on legal and natural persons, in gathering evidence and documentation, in advising in the area of compliance-related issues, providing secondee to the EIB.
Brasserie OCCO is open daily from 11am to 11pm, serving lunch and dinner.
Guinea) TAAT (edd) ATAT, Aarid el (slope - Lebanon) USSU SUSU VAAV (edd) AVAV (Turkey) WAAW (edd) AW-AW XAAX (area -Somalia) YAAY (p2) AYAY ZAAZ (a company) AZAZ (name in Bible) palindrome (1221) palindrome (2112) ANNA NAAN BAAB (surname) ABBA COOC (ch) OCCO (Peru) DAAD (edd) ADDA (w2) ESSE SEES FAAF (wadi - Somalia) AFFA (w2) GAAG (chilblain - AGGA, Tabelkozet el Manx) (oasis - Algeria) HUUH (p2) UH-HU (edd) ISSI (stream - Benin) SIIS JAAJ (dje) AJJA, Oulad (Morocco) KAAK AKKA LAAL (edd) ALLA (w2) MAAM AMMA NEEN ENNE (wadi - Chad) ONNO (Italy) NOON PAAP (edd) APPA (Bantoid lang.
Editor, OCCO of Ontario Printing Ink Technology Course Lecture Notes, Toronto, OCCO of Ontario, 1994-97.
The following seven funds are no longer reporting to the Credit Suisse/Tremont Hedge Fund Index: Alta Partners Holdings LDC, Skylands, Regan Partners, OCCO Asia Fund, AlphaGen Altai, Sofaer Capital Global Hedge Fund, Sofaer Capital Asian Hedge Fund.