OCCRLOffice of Community College Research and Leadership (College of Education, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
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In order to fully understand true program improvement within POS, the use of measures that allowed for data-driven examination and change were employed through the Pathways to Results process (PTR)--developed in partnership with the OCCRL.
Finally, OCCRL staff contribute articles based on evaluation results from Shifting Gears Phase One, priorities for Shifting Gears Phase Two, and the role of the Workforce Investment Act in the implementation of bridge programs.
Articles in this issue include: (1) The Early College Movement: An Interview with Nancy Hoffman (Sadya Khan); (2) Moving Forward with College and Career Readiness (Jessica Barrientos and Brian Durham); (3) Evaluating the College and Career Readiness Act (Sadya Khan); (4) The CCR Project at South Suburban College (Marybeth Beno); (5) Developing High School Partnerships (Amanda Starkey); (6) OCCRL Welcomes Dianne Bazell, New Deputy Director, Illinois Board of Higher Education (Jason L.