OCDPOakland County Democratic Party (Michigan)
OCDPOffspring of Conjugal Diabetic Parents
OCDPOrange County Drum and Percussion (maker of custom drums)
OCDPOff Campus Degree Program (Southern Illinois University)
OCDPOrange County Department of Probation (New York)
OCDPOffice of Career Development and Placement (Muhlenberg College)
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Consequently, the decision was made to use the OCDP in consultation with the graduate school as the program's administrative base.
Unlike most academic departments, our OCDP has an established distance education record, albeit through other media (e.
From a marketing perspective, the OCDP can make all materials, ranging from manuals that may accompany a course to promotional brochures, uniform in appearance.
OCDP will include offshore oil and gas operations, as well as ship re-fits the kingdom's tanker fleet (see gmt15SaudiMarktng12Oct15) and ship-building at a later phase.