OCDSObsessive Compulsive Drinking Scale
OCDSOptical Color Display System
OCDSOffline Control Data Set
OCDSOn Chip Debug Support
OCDSOlder Cattle Disposal Scheme (market support measure; UK)
OCDSOrder of Carmel Discalced Secular
OCDSObject-Oriented Control Dependence Subgraph
OCDSOverseas Cargo Delivery System
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Overall, the Philippines only scored two of five stars in the OCDS, where government agencies provide machine-readable data.
The correlation between the IA scores and AUDIT PACS, and OCDS scores was evaluated.
During the first three months, on the OCDS scale, the comparative statistical analysis between the two treatment groups indicated lower scores of the scale within the group that benefited from systemic therapy, in comparison with the patients who only benefited from medication.
En este estudio, amisulpride a dosis de 100 mgr por dia fue menos eficaz en su capacidad de deshabituacion alcoholica que topiramato a dosis 200 mgr por dia, esto se objetivo a traves de variables relacionadas directamente con el consumo de alcohol: OCDS, EuropASI alcohol, grupos de consumo a los 6 meses (1 y 2 frente a los demas), consumiciones medias por dia a los 6 meses y dias medios de consumo excesivo a los 6 meses.
To be considered for OCDS compensation, the animal must be presented and slaughtered at an OCDS-approved abattoir.
The questions regarding the relationship between psychological control issues (SCI scores) and aspects of alcohol dependence and drinking-related problems (APQ, LDQ, and the three OCDS subscale scores) were initially addressed using correlation analysis (see Table 2).
Like the Y-BOCS-hd, the OCDS contains an obsessive subscale, which consists of eight items, and a compulsive subscale, which consists of six items.
The OCDS was introduced in 1996 to compensate farmers for animals which are prevented from entering the food chain under BSE controls.
If successful, OCDS could serve as a model for future community-based policing programs targeting the violent crime and lack of community presence that characterize many inner-city neighborhoods.
The RPA letter explains that livestock keepers who have the correct information - ear-tag numbers of the cattle they wish to enter into the scheme - must take preference over block bookings when it comes to registering their animals for the OCDS.