OCDSObsessive Compulsive Drinking Scale
OCDSOptical Color Display System
OCDSOffline Control Data Set
OCDSOn Chip Debug Support
OCDSOlder Cattle Disposal Scheme (market support measure; UK)
OCDSOrder of Carmel Discalced Secular
OCDSObject-Oriented Control Dependence Subgraph
OCDSOverseas Cargo Delivery System
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Bobboyi made the remarks in Kaduna on Monday at the opening of a two-day national dialogue on OCDS, organised in collaboration with MacArthur Foundation.
Satyajith Wijegunaratne and several senior officers at OCDS were present on this special occasion.
Since OCDs are often triggered by stress, stress reduction and removal can be effective.
In a statement, Salamat said they have also coordinated with their respective regional OCDs to establish a regional emergency operation center to facilitate coordination and reporting of HADR (Humanitarian and Disaster Relief) activities and incidents.
Classic OCD occurs when someone experiences uncontrollable, recurring thoughts - such as a disproportionate fear of germs - and behaviour she or he feels compelled to repeat over and over, such as excessive hand-washing.
Other CDs notified, 2006-2014 Other CDs n (%) Named diagnosis 1 497 (17.63) Abdomen 461 (5.43) Arms 88 (1.04) Chest 81 (0.95) Face 464 (5.46) Feet 156 (1.84) Gastrointestinal tract 498 (5.86) Genitals 379 (4.46) Hands 1 775 (20.90) Heart 574 (6.76) Legs 391 (4.60) Skin 9 (0.11) * Skull 659 (7.76) Urinary system 100 (1.18) Multiple systems/structure 1 360 (16.02) Total OCDs 8 492 (100) * Monitored from 2013.
The correlation between the IA scores and AUDIT PACS, and OCDS scores was evaluated.
During the first three months, on the OCDS scale, the comparative statistical analysis between the two treatment groups indicated lower scores of the scale within the group that benefited from systemic therapy, in comparison with the patients who only benefited from medication.
Examples of newly available data that increased the number of components include retail MMMFs (February 1973), institutional MMMFs (January 1974), other checkable deposits (OCDs) at commercial banks (January 1974), money market deposit accounts (MMDAs) (December 1982), and Super negotiable order of withdrawal (Super NOW) accounts (January 1983).
Evaluacion basal: (1) EuropASI (12) para valorar el consumo de alcohol y sus consecuencias; (2) Alcohol Timeline Followback" para valorar el consumo de alcohol; (3) Obsessive Compulsive Drinking Scale (17) (OCDS) para valorar el Craving alcoholico; (4) Fagerstrom Test (18) para valorar la dependencia nicotinica; (5) International Personality Disorder Examination (19) (IPDE) para valorar la presencia de Trastornos de la Personalidad; (6) Readiness to Change Questionnaire (20) (RCQ) para valorar la motivacion para dejar de consumir alcohol; (7) WHO Psychiatric Disability Assessment Schedule (21) (WHO/ DAS) para valorar discapacidad producida por el consumo de alcohol; (8) European Quality of Life Questionnaire (22) (EQ-5D) para valorar la calidad de vida.
We chatted for ages about our mutual little hang-ups (well, the book is about varying degrees of madness) - his anxiety, my touch of the old OCDs - before he conceded, somewhat worryingly, that I probably wouldn't read anything in the book that I didn't already know.
* A ministry of the Religious of Jesus and Mary, Bethany Spirituality Center, Highland Mills, NY, offers comfortable, private accommodations in the Hudson Valley for the following: Easter Triduum Retreat with RJM community, April 21-24; "At Sea with God," guided retreat with Margaret Silf, June 17-24; Directed Retreat, July 1-9 and 15-23; Pathless Yoga Retreat, with Joan Ruvinsky, July 27-31; Silence and Awareness Retreat, with Mary Jo Meadow, OCDS, August 6-14; Retiro Predicado para Religiosas, with Rev.