OCEDOxford Concise English Dictionary
OCEDOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OCEDOffice of Community and Economic Development
OCEDOffice of Continuing Education (various universities)
OCEDOrganisation de Coopération et de Développement Economique (French)
OCEDOrganisation for Cultural Exchange and Disagreement (Australia)
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Ishaq Dar said that the government is fully committed for transparency and control the tax evasion in the country, adding that the government was negotiating with OCED forum to get membership and the process to be followed in this regard.
OCED (1999) defines intellectual capital as the economic value of two groups of intangible assets that are human capital and organizational capital [4].
See OCED Assessment, supra note 65, at 22 (evaluating environmental impact assessment requirement under 1989 EPL).
For the current fiscal 2014-15 OCED projects an economic growth of 5.
Annual expenditure per student by educational institutions is 18 percent of GDP in Turkey, while the OCED and EU21 averages are 27 percent, based on 2011 figures.
A tuning-ahelo conceptual framework of expected desired/leaming outcomes in engineering," OCED education working papers, no.
In other words, although the commonality remained "that most members didn't think that they were treated fairly by the lists created by OCED countries in general terms, there are only smaller groups of countries represented in the 3G group.
The OCED countries that we have looked at vary when it comes to primary care.
He also commended the principles of OCED, which include the rules and ethics that should be adopted in joint stock companies, stock exchanges and securities markets.
The large cost of complying with the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines and concomitant documentation requirements will only increase when the OCED finalises the Revised Discussion Draft.