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OCEEOklahoma Council on Economic Education (Edmond, OK)
OCEEOffice of Continuing Engineering Education (Illinois)
OCEEOffice for Central Europe and Eurasia (National Research Council; Washington, DC)
OCEEOffice of Continuing and Extended Education (University of Maryland)
OCEEOrange County Electronics Expo (California)
OCEEOverlap Corrected Electro-negativity Equalization
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Using the database replication feature provided by the Alkacon OCEE Replicator, it is possible to replicate the complete (or part of the) OpenCms repository data to remote database instances.
With the Alkacon OCEE LDAP connector, full integration of existing LDAP user directories with the OpenCms permission system is available.
The Alkacon OCEE Database Transaction Manager adds transaction support to the database operations performed by OpenCms.
The Alkacon OCEE Accelerator provides additional high performance caches to accelerate the data access and delivery.
The Alkacon OCEE VFS Doctor Database maintenance tool operates much like the known "Check disk" or "Repair hard drive" functionality from a standard operating system.
Centralized configuration of servers with the OCEE Cluster allows a Content Manager to edit the scheduled jobs, search index configuration and module parameters for all individual servers in the cluster from a common GUI in the workplace server.
A much improved cache policy in the OCEE Accelerator now selectively flushes only certain cached items after publishing instead of just flushing everything.
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