OCEGOpen Compliance and Ethics Group (Phoenix, Arizona)
OCEGOxford Cardiac Electrophysiology Group (Parks Road, Oxford, England, UK)
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Founded in 2002, the Open Compliance and Ethics Group (OCEG) is an international membership organization that uses its website at http://www.oceg.org to disseminate GRC information, education, and best practices.
Free resources on the OCEG website include a new member's kit, selected webcasts and the related slide decks, and video interviews with a technology emphasis (http://www.oceg.org/resource_topic/free/).
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In 2010, OCEG conducted a global survey of directors, senior officers and managers to determine the extent to which enterprises adopt an integrated approach to GRC and identify the benefits of such holistic systems.
The OCEG survey demonstrates that while many companies are on the road to improving GRC integration, the pace and scope of those efforts is slower than might be expected, given the general consensus on the adverse impacts of siloed operations and evidence of overwhelmingly positive outcomes for those who have integrated GRC capabilities.
COSA is auditor, OCEG is compliance and ISO is risk manager-driven).
"Their jobs were to find and fix problems," says Scott Mitchell, president and CEO of the Open Compliance and Ethics Group (OCEG).
Publication of the OCEG guidance is especially timely considering that the U.S.
The OCEG framework document demonstrates how to integrate good governance practices, risk management, ethics, and compliance into normal business operating practices.
Groves, co-chairman of OCEG and chief operating officer of Marsh Inc., a major risk and insurance services firm.
More than 500 global companies representing a wide range of industries participated in OCEG's 2012 global GRC Maturity Survey.
The Open Compliance and Ethics Group (OCEG), a nonprofit consortium of companies, nonprofits, business leaders and academics, in July announced the formation of its Hotline Working Group, a panel that will document a global set of open standards for whistleblower hotlines.