OCEGOpen Compliance and Ethics Group (Phoenix, Arizona)
OCEGOxford Cardiac Electrophysiology Group (Parks Road, Oxford, England, UK)
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OCEG members are employed at businesses of all sizes, as well as governmental and nonprofit agencies.
The OCEG survey demonstrates that while many companies are on the road to improving GRC integration, the pace and scope of those efforts is slower than might be expected, given the general consensus on the adverse impacts of siloed operations and evidence of overwhelmingly positive outcomes for those who have integrated GRC capabilities.
The OCEG framework document demonstrates how to integrate good governance practices, risk management, ethics, and compliance into normal business operating practices.
Groves, co-chairman of OCEG and chief operating officer of Marsh Inc.
According to a new survey sponsored by SAP AG and conducted by nonprofit think tank OCEG, efforts to integrate governance, risk and compliance (GRC) capabilities are on the rise.
Over the past 24 months, OCEG has documented end-to-end process standards for governance, risk, compliance and ethics management systems," says Scott L.