OCETOffice of Continuing Education and Training (various locations)
OCETOberlin College Equestrian Team
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SGI originally designed the OCET Process to provide significant added value to resid by converting it into valuable liquid and solid products.
The OCET process is designed to convert refinery residual oil into higher value petroleum products, and synthetic coal.
Crude oil and resid samples are being provided by Maraven for testing and evaluation, to assess the economics of the OCET process when applied to the samples.
Savoca concluded that "the resultant cash infusion and income should satisfy SGI's near-term operating capital requirements, while the company works to accelerate the commercialization of its OCET and LFC Technologies.
Patent Pending for OCET is the result of four years
The Company believes that the OCET process has significant
Rose further stated: "We now have sufficient data on the OCET Technology development to begin marketing this technology.
During 1998, our laboratory built the OCET Process Demonstration Unit
that has provided valuable factual data showing that the OCET Process
His over thirty years of experience in the petroleum and related industries provides the required background for the commercialization of OCET.
JDSU's innovative test and measurement solutions like OCETS Plus are critical to system production and qualification of FTTx components.
With over 420 test ports now supported (more than double earlier versions), OCETS Plus runs on JDSU EasyOCETS software that enables streamlined test set-up, monitoring, graphing, and database interfacing of up to twelve 32-port PON splitters.