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OCFOral Cancer Foundation
OCFOperating Cash Flow
OCFOrthodox Christian Fellowship (Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas)
OCFOverwhelming Colorfast (band)
OCFOsteopathy in the Cranial Field
OCFOpenCard Framework
OCFOpen Container Format (computer format)
OCFOld Car Festival (various locations)
OCFOff Center Fed (radio antenna)
OCFObject Craft File
OCFOpen Container Format
OCFon Chip Flash
OCFObject Components Framework
OCFOpen Card Framework
OCFOnboard Computational Facility
OCFOperations Control Facility
OCFOfficers' Christian Fellowship
OCFObsessive-Compulsive Foundation
OCFOff Camera Flash
OCFOpen Computing Facility
OCFOur Children First (Bronz, NY)
OCFOpen Cluster Framework (computer clustering standards)
OCFOther Customer Funds
OCFOpen Channel Foundation (software)
OCFOntario Common Front (Canada)
OCFOpel Club Finland
OCFOpen Catalog Format
OCFOldest Cell First
OCFOut-of-Control Flight (aviation)
OCFOperational Control Field
OCFOperational Check Flight
OCFOperator Configuration File
OCFOnline Camping Friends
OCFOngoing Charges and Fees (investments)
OCFOverall Correlation Factor
OCFOn-Cycle Failure
OCFObject Collaboration Framework
OCFOlds Club of Florida (automobile club)
OCFOrdnance Cloth Factory (Avadi, Chennai, India)
OCFOmanba Community Foundation (Ghana)
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The major contributions of our proposed scheme are: i) the adjustable dynamics considering the current MCS system environments, ii) the ability to maximize the total system performance by incorporating the OCF game methodology, iii) the ability to achieve the socially balanced outcome while ensuring individual rationality, and iv) practical approach to effectively reach a desirable solution.
He was next seen in September, when a leftsided 2 x 2-cm OCF was noted (figure 1).
Al Balushi added, "Due to the amount of attention job fairs receive from job seekers, NAHI knew that supporting and exhibiting at the OCF was a key opportunity.
Intermediate income margins EBITDA and EBIT results are higher than financial margins OCF and UFCF, respectively, considering both mean and median values.
The true prevalence of OCF is unknown, but most authors have concluded that OCF is probably more common than is generally realized (2,8).
OCF 2013 is all about helping facilitate that process," Azzan concluded.
Among the latest arrivals at the Cheshire facility are web-based software provider Terrabase, cloud computing solutions provider OCF, and Centum Electronics.
The OCF also said victims are also generally overweight and drink and smoke.
The OCF was founded by Brian Hill, an oral cancer survivor.
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In the mid-1960s, OCF researcher Everett Miller made the first SMC manufacturing machine in the U.