OCFEOxford College of Further Education
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These include the full discrete method (Hidy, 1965), the method of classes (Marchal et al., 1988; Chatzi and Kiparissides, 1992), the discretized PBE (DPBE) methods (Batterham et al., 1981; Hounslow et al., 1988), the fixed and moving pivot DPBE methods (Kumar and Ramkrishna, 1996a,b), the high-order DPBE methods (Bleck, 1970; Gelbard and Seinfeld, 1980; Sastry and Gaschignard, 1981; Landgrebe and Pratsinis, 1990), the orthogonal collocation on finite elements (OCFE) (Gelbard and Seinfeld, 1979), the Galerkin method (Nicmanis and Hounslow, 1998) and the wavelet-Galerkin method (Chen et al., 1996).
Law: Tom Hull, co-founder of the Oregon Coalition for Free Expression (OCFE), for building, educating, and mobilizing a broad coalition of voters to successfully defeat censorship efforts in Oregon.
As an alternative, orthogonal collocation on finite elements (OCFE) can be used to discretize the ordinary differential equations and solve them as a large set of algebraic equations.