OCGOsage County Guns (Belle, MO)
OCGOffice of the Contractor General (Jamaica)
OCGOrganized Crime Group
OCGOpen Cluster Group
OCGOnline Computer Game
OCGOffice of Contracts and Grants (various schools)
OCGOxford Computer Group (various locations)
OCGOffice of the Comptroller General (Canada)
OCGOesterreichische Computer Gesellschaft (Vienna, Austria)
OCGOffice of Cancer Genomics (National Cancer Institute)
OCGOptical Communications Group (Glendale, NY)
OCGOffline Content Generator (MediaWiki)
OCGOral Cholecystography
OCGOnline Consulting Group, Inc. (Detroit, MI)
OCGOperational Coordination Group
OCGOC Group (internet business management corporation)
OCGOperations Control Group
OCGOverall Coordination Group
OCGOnline Charging Gateway
OCGOperation Concept Graphic
OCGOcean Catalog Group
OCGOptimal Code Generation
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The OCG members are suspected of participation in a criminal organisation, fraud, money laundering, forgery of documents and registration offences.
As to whether Ted revealed Corbett's true identity to the OCG by telling Lee Banks who the rat was, it turns out this is true.
Our goal in developing FileTrail GPS was to address the common challenge firms face of managing OCG as part of their overall IG efforts.
OCG expects the transaction to be immediately accretive to its adjusted net income.
Because the effects of OCG are similar to cortisone, its many therapeutic functions (11) and its mild side effects, we conducted an open trial to study the efficacy of OCG in patients with generalized, active-stage vitiligo.
"This has resulted in an OCG responsible for committing violent and other crime throughout the country being dismantled."
GES Senior Marketing Executive Jeffrey Lo said, "To enable customers to experience low-latency trading by switching to OCG smoothly, we actively assisted customers to pass through a series of tests (e.g.
* Both the OCG Cylinders and OSX Sliders meet the global standard for drop-in imperial mounting and drop-in metric mounting, respectively.
ILS Technology, a Telit company, and Multi-Tech Systems said they have collaborated on making Multi-Tech's MultiConnect OCG open communications gateway "deviceWISE Ready" by embedding the deviceWISE agent directly into the OCG firmware.
For the purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), special operations are operations approved by the Afghan Operational Coordination Group (OCG) and conducted by Afghan Forces with support from U.S.
SPS stated that the definition of "member or leader of OCG" is given by the law enforcement officers based on the criminal materials.