OCGTOpen Cycle Gas Turbine
OCGTOstschweizerisches Clairongardentreffen (German)
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In Cote D'Ivoire, for example, the Azito power station was converted to CCGT from OCGT configuration in 2015, thereby adding nearly 50% of generation capacity to 400MW and increasing thermal efficiency.
cost cost cost [years] rate [$/kW] [$/kW] [$/MWh] [MW/h] Coal 1700 34 36 40 240 OCGT 486 12 76 20 600 CCGT 855 21 53 30 360 TABLE 4: Economic cost comparison of the solutions.
Gas (CCGT) PS74 rising to PS86 Gas (OCGT) PS165 rising to PS184 Nuclear PS80 falling to PS77 Onshore Wind PS93 falling to PS79 Large Scale Solar PV PS122 falling to PS67 As can be seen gas generation is not the cheep option that is often presented, and is predicted to rise.
OCGT is the most vulnerable to a mainstreaming of renewable power, given it has the highest generation costs.
The Company earns full capacity payments (CPs), so long as its OCGT meet the operating parameters specified in the PPA.
It is the latest in a series of OCGT projects implemented by ABB for MGI.
The 588MW Ankerlig open cycle gas turbine (OCGT) plant and the 438MW Gourikas OCGT facility, both near Cape Town, were brought on stream at the end of 2007 and other gas-fired plants have been proposed for both the Western Cape and coastal KwaZulu-Natal.
We are actively developing additional Internet Service Agreements to enhance our portal partnering program and our primary focus of increasing visitors and revenues to YourOwnHealth." YourOwnHealth is a product of Virginia-based PrimeCare Systems, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of OCGT.
The thermal technologies are loosely calibrated to hard coal (base), natural gas combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT, mid), and oil-fired open cycle gas turbines (OCGT, peak), respectively.
Wind critics respond that wind intermittency needs considerable backup from gas-fired open cycle turbine (OCGT) plants which are less efficient than the combined cycle gas-turbine power plants that deliver the bulk of our gas-fired electricity supply.