OCHHOregon Coalition on Housing and Homelessness
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The discussion of the photos revealed the children's initiative and creativity on how they are negotiating their lives as OCHH.
The participant's observation in this case included different activities depending on the different setting and agreement with the OCHH.
It was during the FGD session that some of the very quiet OCHH showed their feelings and expressed sentiments which had not been mentioned during more structured interviews.
This was not the only case; other OCHH mentioned some horrible things which they experienced, but which they could not raise individually as they were afraid it could go back to their relatives and bring more trouble.
During the interviews the OCHH interviewed neither related their situation with HIV/AIDS nor did they mention the cause of parents' death.
Although the use of different methods provides the space to ensure OCHH express their views on matters affecting them, how they understand and perceive their situation and the environment that surrounds them, it was not an easy undertaking.
OCHH have double roles as children who were taking care of their households while attending school.
Children's voices and specifically the voice of OCHH are vital in understanding of the situation facing children and the way they perceive it.
2) The term OCHH is used in two different ways; first it is used to mean the child who is orphaned and heads a household: Orphaned children heading households, secondly it means the household in which the head is an orphaned child: Orphaned children headed households.