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OCHREOnline Cultural Heritage Research Environment (University of Chicago; Illinois)
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Within the court a great herd of thoats and zitidars moved restlessly about, cropping the moss-like ochre vegetation which overgrows practically the entire uncultivated area of Mars.
Artist Dr Onya McCauslands monochrome wall-painting Wheal Jane has been made from ochre - raw earth pigment - taken from the former Wheal Jane mine near Falmouth.
The disconformity in the Eocene Sohnari Formation has limonite and ochre at Lakhra, Meting and Makli hills of Sindh.
The boards on this classically painted ochre example have a deep patina that testifies to the many years of beloved use.
Thankfully, things seem to be looking up for the ochre star.
The article says the ancient artist used an "ochre crayon" to etch it onto the stone.
Among the artifacts was a small flake of silicate rock, onto which a three-by-six line cross-hatched pattern had been intentionally drawn in red ochre.
EMMA JOHNSON FINDS THAT SUMMER IS SHAPING UP PRETTY NICELY AT EVANS AND DOROTHY PERKINS Left: Floral Bardot top PS25, white jeans PS 25, all from Evans Left: Blue embroidered dress PS45, red embroidered smock top PS40, both Evans Left: White pom pom Bardot top PS35, jeans PS38 and black embroidered cold shoulder dress PS35, all from Evans Left: DP Curve ochre floral print side knot top PS22, Curve authentic 'Darcy' jeans PS25, both Dorothy Perkins Right: DP Curve chmbray embrpidered shift PS30, Dorothy Perkins All clothes available from Evans and Dorothy Perkins Above: DP Curve striped T-shirt PS14, Curve embroidered mid-wash shorts were PS25, now PS20, Dorothy Perkins
The ochre crayon was discovered near an ancient lake, now blanketed in peat, near Scarborough, North Yorkshire.
Two ochre objects were found near what was once a lake in northeastern England, a crayon-looking artifact and a pebble.
"The site contains the oldest ground-edge stone axe technology in the world, the oldest known seed-grinding tools in Australia and evidence of finely made stone points which may have served as spear tips," he said, adding "Most striking of all, in a region known for its spectacular rock art, are the huge quantities of ground ochre and evidence of ochre processing found at the site, from the older layer continuing through to the present."
This Parker Knoll sofa (www.parkerknoll.co.uk) is covered in a rich ochre fabric.