OCHUOntario Council of Hospital Unions (Canada)
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However, in a cross-sectional study on survivors of the Liberian civil war (Ochu, O'Grady, Aten, & Davis, 2015), positive and negative religious coping were strongly related to post-traumatic growth (PTG) in expected directions.
Although traits of resilience generally help people deal well with traumas (Bonanno, 2005), people who are not resilient by trait might still respond resiliently (Ochu et al., 2015; O'Grady & Orton, in press).
People who are more resilient might bounce back from their unforgiving moods and ruminative recriminations more easily because their resilient personality is more agreeable and less high in neuroticism, which facilitates forgiveness (Griffin, Worthington, Wade, Hoyt, & Davis, 2015; Ochu et al., 2015).
It is ochu, indeed fratricide, which ironically pollutes the land, even though it was intended for a revolutionary propitiation of the same land.
The leaders of OCHU continued to keep in touch with Gil after he left CUPE, inviting him to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of OCHU.
But Seijo could not forget her father; so Ochu decided to go back with her and ask the father's forgiveness and blessing.
Then he related that after Ochu had left, many years ago, his daughter Seijo had fallen ill and had lain comatose in bed since.
Between 1 May and 10 October, the average precipitation in the region is approximately 400 mm and average seasonal heat unit accumulation is around 2650 OCHU. The soil type is London loam (Aquic Hapludalf, USDA taxonomy).
macrophylla approaches that of Tylosema fassoglensis sample from Burundi (28/36/36) (Dubois et al., Dosunu and Ochu, 1995) and peanut oil (22/39/39) (INRA, 1987).
The 11 [C.sub.0] and 12 [C.sub.A] ([C.sub.2] to [C.sub.6]) early [2550-2900 Ontario Crop Heat Units (OCHU) (Brown and Bootsma, 1993)] University of Guelph maize breeding populations in this study included CG-SynA (S), CG-SynB (S), CG-Wigor (RRS) and CG-SynA (RRS), CG-HOPE Elite A (RRS) and CG-HOPE Elite B (RRS), CG-Stiff Stalk (COM) and CG-Lancaster (COM), CG-CBI (RRS) and CG-CBII (RRS), and CG-Cross Canada Gene Pool A (RRS) and CG-CCGP B (RRS).
Yield trials were grown in 2000 and 2001 at three southwestern Ontario locations [Alma (2500 OCHU), Elora (2600 OCHU), and Woodstock (2850 OCHU)] using a 12-by-12 partially balanced lattice design with three replications at each location.
Abbreviations: API, adjusted performance index; [C.sub.0], original cycle; [C.sub.A], advanced cycle; COM, combined recurrent selection; GCA, general combining ability; [g.sub.i], general combining ability estimate; h, average heterotic effect; [h.sub.i], parental heterotic effect; [h.sub.ij], total heterosis; OCHU, Ontario crop heat units; RS, recurrent selection; RRS, reciprocal recurrent selection; S, selfed-progeny recurrent selection; SCA, specific combining ability; UPI, unadjusted performance index; RCBD, randomized complete block design; [v.sub.i], variety.