OCIAOverclock Intelligence Agency
OCIAOffice of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs (US government)
OCIAOrganic Crop Improvement Association
OCIAOrder of Christian Initiation of Adults
OCIAOptically Coupled Interface Adapter
OCIAOklahoma Certified Installers Association
OCIAOffice of the Commissioner for Islamic Affairs
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The bonds are limited special obligations of the OCIA secured by annual appropriations of the state of Oklahoma.
En este muestreo sucesivo de erudicion sin tasa (el editor cuenta algo mas de treinta autores entre clasicos y modernos), para alivio de la lectura, distrae y divierte la descripcion de los regalos que Labricio manda a Ocia por medio de su paje, algo asi como sintesis de todo el apologo, porque en ellos se concentran la virtudes del trabajo.
Ocia had been unemployed for three years but, having completed the macaroon-making course, is set to begin a one-year apprenticeship in pastry-making.
The suspension of OCIA's operation in China illustrates the limited benefits of supervision by accredited certifying agents.
Creating the Culture Change--Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (Ocia)
Both product lines are Organic Crop Improvement Association International (OCIA) certified and Kosher OU.
and Elif (Akaydin) Ocia of Woodstock, a girl; to David O.
In addition to the PureMega quality system, all of our manufacturing and refining processes are Kosher and certified by Ecocert and OCIA as meeting the organic standards of the European Union and USDA, NOP.
* Interfaces: RS232 sencillo o dual, IBM 46XX, OCIA y PC AT/PS2 para mas de 400 terminales, emulacion lapiz .
decides not to change the fifteenth-century humanistic orthography (e.g., lacryma, moestus, ocia).
PML has been certified to the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) International's Program and to the U.S.