OCIAAOffice of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs
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Atuando nos bastidores culturais estadunidenses, o OCIAA envidou esforcos para forjar um corpo de textos instrutivos sobre os vizinhos desconhecidos.
As normas preliminares, ou seja, o projeto tradutorio elaborado pelo OCIAA influenciou direta e conscientemente a escolha dos livros para a traducao.
The OCIAA program Mexican Women's Magazine of the Air began airing early in 1942.
Roosevelt created the Office of the Coordinator of Inter American Affairs (OCIAA), under the leadership of Nelson Rockefeller, as a diplomatic weapon to counterattack Nazi propaganda in the hemisphere.
The modern Latin American an exhibitions circulated by OCIAA and MoMA during the war years focused mainly on indigenous art, but with no political implications against the U.S.
He was well aware of the particular vision of Latin America that was common in the U.S., and therefore he organized shows intended to modify the indigenous perspective on Latin American art that OCIAA's programs had reinforced.
The Centet's first curator, Stanton Catlin, was a long time expert in the held of Latin American art since his affiliation with MoMA and OCIAA in the 1940s, and he had been involved in the influential exhibition Art of Latin America Since Independence Yale University in 1966.
The political circumstances in which the Center for Inter-American Relations was born, however, were radically different from the ones that brought OCIAA to life.