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OCICEOrange County Interfaith Coalition for the Environment (California)
OCICEOttawa Carleton Institute for Civil Engineering (est. 1984; Canada)
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Counter-intuitively, idea champions (Project Directors and OCICE staff) did not report significantly higher levels of pros and lower levels of cons than did other organizational members.
Unexpectedly, however, idea champions (Project Directors and OCICE staff) exhibited significantly higher levels of cons and lower levels of pros than did idea generators (Program Project staff).
Next, the OCICE staff and Project Directors can be seen as idea champions for innovation: The Office of Cancer Information, Communication, and Education (OCICE) staff is comprised of officials at the policy level who are most involved in centralized decision-making processes related to innovation adoption and implementation; Project Directors are officials at the regional level who have day-to-day responsibility for managing the CIS as it pilots new intervention strategies.
Contract notice: Preparation of documentation for projects of pre "work on the railway lines 25, 74, 78 in the section steel will- tarnobrzeg / sandomierz ocice / padew", "work on the railway line no.
Modernization of transformer station CTSPL-8 at the station Ocice,